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Diablo II: To Hell and Back

Diablo II: To Hell and Back

Diablo II, Round 2!

For this one I’m pulling out the 3.0 Oriental Adventures book as the baseline for creating the character, instead of sticking to pure Diabloness. I’ll go with a Nezumi (the ratlings or skaven of the setting), but again I’ll let the Organic dice method dictate what class our rat fits into best. As a Nezumi he’ll be starting with +2 Constitution and -2 Charisma. But like a Skaven, he’s got a 40′ movement rate instead of the typical 30′ movement rate of humans. He also starts with lowlight vision, +2 on Hide and Move Silently checks, and +2 on saves against poison and diseases. His awesome nose can also allow him to take the Scent ability as a feat if he has a Wisdom of 11+.

So, to the dice to figure out what class we’ll be running with!

  • Strength – 16
  • Dexterity – 18!
  • Constitution – 17
  • Intelligence – 15
  • Wisdom – 9
  • Charisma – 11

Swapping Int for Wisdom and we have a character screaming to be a ranged fighter, and I’m thinking Amazon. A reroll for the now reduced Int of 9 comes out to be a 12, for a few extra skill points, and a Nezumi Amazon is in the works. Because this will be an advanced character, the 3.0 DMG says that in addition to running through the variety of level ups for a level 10 character, we also will need 49,000 gp in hardware (which I’ll make using the cool magic item tables in the back of the book… some nice toys in there).

Level 10 also means that the Nezumi had stat advances at levels 4 and 8, so I can crank it’s Dexterity up to 20, or increase it’s Con to 18 and Str to 17, which is where I end up going. Skitterstab will be picking up feats at levels 1, 3, 6 and 9. There’s no prestige class that particularly appeals to the rat-beast in question, so the feats will be chosen based on the Amazon’s existing combat expertise areas. Since Amazons are all about spears and bows, I’ll immediately grab Point Blank Shot for a +1 to hit and damage with ranged weapons within 30 feet., followed by Rapid Shot so she gets an extra missile attack every round (albeit all attacks at -2 that round). One feat obviously has to go for the Scent ability because it is so powerful (although less so in a hack-and-slash game). The last feat is looking good for ManyShot, allowing her to fire two arrows per round as a standard action instead of a full attack, so she can move and shoot. But if I want her to have any utility in melee, and lug around a bunch of spears, Fast Draw could be handy too – particularly if she picks up ranks of the Oriental Adventures Iaijitsu Focus skill as a cross-class skill. So Fast Draw it is. She also has full weapon and armor proficiencies.

At levels 1, 2 and 3 she gets a “group 1 amazon ability”, followed by 3 group 2 abilities at levels 5, 6 and 7 and a pair of group 3 abilities at levels 9 and 10. Here’s where the low Charisma hurts – many of these abilities require a Cha check (DC 15 + group number) after being used to be able to use them again that day. So as much as I can, I’ll avoid the ones with that function.

The first item on the list however is one that is remarkable for a d20 game. Improved Critical feat is available (without prerequisites) as a group 1 ability. So right off the bat, Improved Critical (Composite Bow) is on the list, and the top-notch javelin/spear weapon in the game is the Spetum (2 handed, 1d12 damage with a x3 critical) so I’ll grab the same thing for the Spetum. That only leaves one more group one power, and Inner Sight looks good for a sneaky nezumi (grants +2 on spot checks against creatures in the dark, and +2 on attacks against creatures in the dark if within 30 feet. Creatures spotted cannot catch her flat footed or sneak attack her).

The group 2 abilities I want all have Group 1 prerequisites. So I’ll have to spend at least one of my group 2 choices on a group 1 ability. I want to pick up Multiple Shot (an arrow splits into 3 arrows in flight – and since she gets up to three attacks in a round with rapid shot and her BAB of +10, she can fire off 9 arrows in a round using this ability. The downside is that each arrow’s attack roll suffers a -2 cummulative penalty – so if firing the batch of 9 they would be at +8 / +8 / +3 normally, so in this case they would be at +6 / +4 / +2 / +6 / +4 / +2 / +1 / -1 / -3 – not great odds of hitting, but that’s a hella lotta arrows). To get that I need to pick up Magic Arrow first from the group 1 abilities – which allows all nonmagical arrows fired that round (not using other abilities like Multiple Shot) to automatically hit and deal +1 damage. Magic Arrows and Multiple Shot are useable once per day, and after I use them I make a CHA check (DC 16, and 17 respectively) to be able to use them again that day. I’ll also grab the group 1 ability of Fire Arrow which is a prerequisite for the group 3 ability Exploding Arrow that I want. For the 2 choices of group 3 abilities, Exploding Arrow deals 5d6 damage to all creatures within 15 feet of the creature hit, and only those not hit directly get to save (DC 13 + 1/3 level + Cha bonus) to reduce the damage. Unfortunately I have none of the prerequisites for the other group three abilities except “slow missiles” which… sucks. So back to group 1 where I grab Jab, which allows me to make a full round attack that attacks three times at +0, -2 and -4, with the second and third attacks not getting Strength bonuses to damage and all three getting a -1 penalty to damage.

As a level 10 Amazon, Skitterstab gets 39 skill points to spend. Obviously she needs some ranks in Spot for her Inner Sight, and although Amazons don’t have Hide as a class skill, they do have Move Silent. And as mentioned before, I’m going to grab the Iaijitsu Focus skill cross-class, so if she draws a weapon on a flat-footed opponent, she gets to make a skill check to deal extra damage. This sounds like the perfect combo with the Jab ability. Stabitty Stab Stab Stab! Her max ranks in Iaijitsu Focus is 6.5 right now, so she’ll take the 6 ranks and wish she had a higher Charisma. A skill check of 10-14 grants +1d6 damage, 15-19 grants +2d6, 20-24 +3d6, 25-29 +4d6. This has the potential to tear the crap out of anything standing with a good roll.

According to the 3.0 DMG, a level 10 character should have 29,000 gp worth of goods. But treasure comes in piles in Diablo II. I was originally just going to equip her as per the DMG, but a quick look through the Diablo II campaign book points out that by this point she should also have an item imbued by Charsi for bringing back the Horadric Malus (the hammer of annoyance). An imbued item is pretty sweet, with 3 prefixes and 2 suffixes. So I’ll imbue a Composite Bow (1d8 damage, x3 crit, 110 ft range, durability 3/12) and see what I get.

  • The first roll on the table gives the Soldier’s prefix. +2 to hit, +2 to crit range (18-20 crit range!)
  • The second roll is Hidden. Making the wielder invisible to opponents more than 20 feet away. Niiiice. Did someone say “sniper”?
  • Archer’s comes up next, which is tres apropos. Much better than getting one for another class… This gives +2 on ranged attacks and on all Amazon class skill rolls for Amazons only.
  • The first suffix is “of Plenty”. The first 2 arrows fired each round are “free” – as in they don’t come out of her quiver of arrows.
  • And finally we get “of Vim”. +3 Constitution.

End result? Imbued Composite Bow (+4 to hit, 1d8 damage, 18-20/x3 crit, 110 ft range, durability 3/12, two free arrows per round, +3 Constitution, +2 on all amazon class skills, wielder is invisible to enemies beyond 20 feet). Actual value? 50,000 gp. Already nearly double the DMG magic item allowance. Throw in her Improved Critical feat and this thing has a 15-20 / x3 critical range. Brutal.

So, I’ll spend the 29k on other toys, and take the imbued bow as a “special” reward. 🙂

A Silver Spetum of Swiftness (+2 to hit, +3 initiative) sets her back 10,000 gp, but makes for a fine weapon for her Iaijitsu Stab.

A Crown is actually better armor for her than any of the full suits (roughly the same as hard or studded leather armor but with a better Max Dex bonus and lower Armour Check Penalties… So a Sturdy Crown of Skill (+4 AC, +2 Dexterity) is definitely worth 7,000 gp

A Mighty Belt of Pacing provides +1 Strength and +50% movement rate (bringing her up to a movement speed of 60′) for 4,500 gp

And a Deadly Ring of Health (+1 damage, +1 critical threat range, -1 damage from each attack) finishes off the package of goods at 7,500 gp.

All that’s left is a quick roll for hit points (10 at level 1, d10 each level thereafter, +50 for Con bonus) and to calculate her AC. And I would love to throw this ratamazon (ratmazon?) against a party in a d20 game for a quick HUH? factor. To really pimp her out for Iaijitsu focus, I would have to go with an imbued Spetum instead of Bow, but as it stands she’s a great archer for an encounter.

Race: Nezumi
Class: Amazon
Level: 10

Hit Points: 117
Armour Class: 19

BAB: +10 / +5
Fort Save: +12
Ref Save: +7
Will Save: +5

  • Strength: 17 (+3) [18 +4]
  • Dexterity: 18 (+4) [20 +5]
  • Constitution: 18 (+4) [21 +5]
  • Intelligence: 12 (+1)
  • Wisdom: 15 (+2)
  • Charisma: 11


  • Point Blank Shot [+1 to hit and damage with ranged attacks within 30 feet]
  • Rapid Shot [+1 attack with ranged attacks in a  full attack, -2 to hit with all]
  • Scent [as the monster ability]
  • Quick Draw [draw as a free action]
  • Martial & Basic Weapon Proficiency
  • Light, Medium and Heavy Armour Proficiency
  • Shield Proficiency


  • Iaijitsu Focus (Cha) [6 ranks] +6
  • Spot (Wis) [12 ranks] +14
  • Move Silent (Dex) [10 ranks] +16
  • Listen (Wis) [5 ranks] +7
  • Hide (Dex) [0 ranks] +6


  • +2 Saves vs Disease & Poison
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Critical Strike (Improved Critical – Composite Bow)
  • Critical Strike (Improved Critical – Spetum)
  • Inner Sight (+2 to spot creatures in the dark, +2 to hit creatures in the dark within 30 feet, cannot be sneak attacked or flatfooted by spotted creatures)
  • Magic Arrow (Full round action: all nonmagical arrows fired that round automatically hit and deal +1 damage) [CHA DC 16 to use again]
  • Multiple Shot (Full round action: all nonmagical arrows fired that round split into 3 arrows each, each targeting a different for, each arrow suffers a cumulative -2 penalty to hit) [CHA DC 17 to use again]
  • Fire Arrow (Full round action: all nonmagical arrows fired that round deal +1d6 fire damage) [CHA DC 16 to use again]
  • Exploding Arrow (Full round action: 1 arrow deals 1d6 damage / 2 levels to all within 15 feet of struck target – struck target takes full damage, others make Ref save DC 16 for half damage) [CHA DC 18 to use again]
  • Jab (Full round action using a piercing melee weapon: attack 3 times at +0 / -2 / -4, -1 on all damage rolls, no Strength bonus to damage on 2nd and 3rd attacks)


  • Imbued Composite Bow (+4 to hit, 1d8 damage, 18-20/x3 crit, 110 ft range, durability 3/12, two free arrows per round, +3 Constitution, +2 on all amazon class skills, wielder is invisible to enemies beyond 20 feet)
  • Silver Spetum of Swiftness (+2 to hit, +3 initiative, 1d12 damage, 20/x3 crit)
  • Sturdy Crown of Skill (+4 AC, +2 Dex, Max Dex Bonus +6, -1 Armor Check Penalty)
  • Mighty Belt of Pacing (+1 Strength, +50% movement rate)
  • Deadly Ring or Health (+1 damage, +1 critical threat range, -1 damage from each attack)