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This is all about braggin’ rights. Or is it?

Inspired by my own geomorph mapping project, Risus Monkey launched his own. Except he’s doing it WAY faster than I did. He uses the same scale I do (a 100 foot by 100 foot map segment, with two entrances equally spaced on each side), so effectively you can use his geomorphs and mine interchangeably in a set. In fact, I may just print out a full batch of his and mix them up with my own and take a few snapshots of the ensuing dungeons.

Oh, and to go the one step better? Rob Lang of the Free RPG blog also has a generator for Risus Monkey’s geomorphs, (The Monkey Mapper) and it is pretty up to date, typically having close to the full set of tiles available in the generator at any time.

You can check out his Geomorph Mapping Project here.

And here’s a quick dungeon I threw together in the Gimp using just his geomorphs.


The Deep Dungeons of the MonkeyMap!