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I’m not OSR. I’m not New School.

I’m not engaged in game bashing, I am engaged in game loving.

I don’t give a fuck about why you dislike game X, unless it is deadEarth, in which case I’ll listen. Edition wars can all go to hell. Let’s just game and love it, and if you are aggravated that other people are having fun playing other games, maybe you should stop and think about what you are aggravated about. Seriously. People are bashing games they don’t like and in turn are bashing people who have fun playing these games. That’s a little serious for a bunch of geeks playing make-believe. And then there’s blog after blog bashing products for a game they don’t play, released by a company that released a game we do play, and then giving us the tools to keep publishing and playing those games FOR EVER.

Uncle Bear got it right. Fuck the haters. Game on!

I think it is worth pulling out ROLPUNK as a reminder at least once a year.

“it’s not about rejecting stuff, dismissing stuff out of hand because of whatever pretentious filters other people have set up to dictate what’s cool and what’s not cool. Screw them. Reject attitudes, not games. It’s about accepting the potential of everything, salvaging what works for you and ignoring the rest. It’s about shaping your own identity as a gamer, about letting your group and your campaign and the rules at your table take their own form based on your creative needs. Don’t be a game sheep.”

– Berin Kinsman