With the holidays en route, I’ve had enough time to look over the blog a bit and get her organized so she’s a bit easier to navigate. (And I’m pretty sure I’m done playing around with the theme which changed about a half-dozen times in the past two weeks or so.) With almost two years of posts now, it can be hard to find an article so I’ve reorganized the collection pages and added a new one – they are all there on the right hand side of the page right below the header graphic.

I’ve updated the Downloads page (after about a year of it going untouched)

I’ve added a House Rules page with links to all the articles that present house rules for a game, sorted by system. I might have missed a few, but as I find them I’ll add them to the list.

And of course I’ve been updating the Characters page fairly regularly again (and am up to 88 sample characters so far… still not even a quarter of the way to my initial goal of 400 characters for 200 games – although I’m getting closer to the 200 games mark at least).

And of course I recently added the Maps page to track the various maps that don’t have a PDF download to go with them, the Geomorphs page with links to all my geomorphs (should I also add links to everyone else who is making awesome geomorphs that work with mine?) and the Dyson’s Delve page, where I keep tabs on the various levels of Dyson’s Delve as they go live.