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Treasure Map

As a tool to help me keep updating regularly, and to replace the long-extinct Sunday Top 5 lists, I’m launching Random Thursdays – each Thursday will have a random table of some sort using one or more dodecahedrons (d12s) for resolution. Why d12s? Because I love them. I’m in the process of putting together the first issue of “Dyson’s Dodecahedron”, a 12-page PDF of Labyrinth Lord and B/X D&D resources drawn from the site, so d12s are close to my heart.

For this week, we’ll be rolling up where that treasure is hidden from the treasure map you rolled up randomly in the scrolls listings for the old school treasure types. The goal here is for most of the treasures to be found within the dungeon so you won’t need to create a new dungeon for the map to lead to, but in places that the players are unlikely to check out without the treasure map telling them to. Of course, a few lead to new areas.

Roll a d12 to determine where the treasure is hidden:

  1. Above the keystone of an archway. The keystone must be removed and unless carefully reinforced, the arch will collapse (sounds like a job for the dwarf… but he’s too damn short!)
  2. Under a pillar. The pillar must be pushed aside, requiring some serious strength. There is a 25% chance that the pillar is also a major supporting structure… again, call in the dwarf!
  3. Inside a door. The door contains a hollow space. Pick a door the party hasn’t smashed to pieces already.
  4. Buried outside. Treasure was taken out of the dungeon by previous explorers and buried in a sack among the roots of a tree.
  5. A Secret Level. The map leads to a whole section of the dungeon through a well concealed secret door. Grab a couple of geomorphs and stick them off the side of the existing dungeon map.
  6. Ensconced in a Stalagmite. The ancient treasure has slowly been absorbed in a stalagmite. Hammer time!
  7. In the Walls. A typical hidden stash behind an old stone in the wall (an original stone so it doesn’t detect as new construction).
  8. In a Hollow Book. On a shelf with hundreds of other terribly boring books. (Taxation systems of ancient Myrgrandia?!)
  9. Under the Fireplace. But a fireplace that is no longer used and has since been filled and sealed with fresh masonry.
  10. In the Well Crank. Not in the well, but in the wooden shaft that the rope wraps around when raising or lowering the bucket.
  11. In an Alternate Space. A magic word makes the entry point into a permanent pocket universe visible. Basically a Rope Trip Treasure.
  12. In the Pit. Mounted to the bottom of the pit-trap doors in a pit that doesn’t reset automatically, so there is basically no chance that anyone has seen that side of them.