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The Techno Pope from Heavy Metal Magazine

The Techno Pope from Heavy Metal Magazine

While most of the priesthood of the sorcerer-priests of the Hill Islands wear mitres while going about their duties, the senior priests instead wear skullcaps and are known for the spheres that float above and slightly behind their heads – alternately known as mitre spheres or mitral spheres.

Somewhat similar to ioun stones, these crystalline orbs, ovoids and spheres float about four inches above the heads of their owners. They vary in size, shape and colour, with typical examples being 5-inch to 8-inch spheres, with rarer ovoids, some as large as 16 inches tall by 9 wide.

Like an ioun stone, the owner of a mitral sphere releases it and it settles into place four to six inches above and slightly behind the top of his head. Thereafter, a sphere must be grasped or netted to separate it from its owner.

Mitral spheres have AC: 0 and 20 hit points (with some larger ones having more hit points).

(If you have ever read any of Jodorwosky’s “Jodoverse” graphic novels like the Incal or the Technopriests or of course the Metabarons, these were inspired by the orb floating above the head of the technopope and some other senior members of the Church of Industrial Saints. And I just like an excuse as to why the priests in my setting wear mitres.)

Acolyte’s Orb

  • Allows divine casters to prepare 1 extra spell level of spells each day
  • +1 Wisdom

Priest’s Orb

  • Allows divine casters to prepare 2 extra spell levels of divine spells each day
  • +1 Wisdom

Judge’s Mitre

  • Smite Chaos 1/day (+4 to hit, x2 damage versus a choatic foe for one melee attack)

Crusader’s Orb

  • Turn undead at +2 levels
  • +1 melee damage

Mitre of the Exorcist

  • +1d6 hit dice affected by turning attempts
  • +1 Wisdom
  • +2 on saves versus charm, possession, magic jar and similar effects

Sphere of the Magus

  • Stores 5 levels of spells as a ring of spell storing
  • +1 Intelligence

Mitre of the Patriarch

  • +1 Wisdom
  • +1 Charisma
  • Allows divine casters to prepare 3 extra spell levels of spells each day

Warrior’s Mitral

  • +1 weapon damage
  • +1 hit point per hit die

Orb of the Warlord

  • +1 Charisma
  • +1 to hit and damage with all attacks
  • Cast charm person once per day

Solar Mitral

  • Sheds light as continual light at will
  • Cast light at will
  • Holy Strike 1/week (as flame strike but holy damage instead of fire)

Orb of the Wolf

  • Pass without Trace at will
  • Dimension Door 2/day
  • +1 Dexterity

Sphere of the Deathless

  • +1 Constitution
  • +4 saves versus Poison and Death
  • Reduce aging by 1/2