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I was watching a documentary the other night that screamed “cyberpunk / espionage adventure location!”

Oily Rocks, Azerbaijan.

Oily Rocks, Azerbaijan

Oily Rocks, Azerbaijan

We’re talking a floating city on the Caspian Sea that is in incredibly poor repair and produces half of Azerbaijan’s crude oil output. A metropolis of resource extraction with little regards to the humans who do the extracting. Half of the sexiness is that the place changes and mutates as various companies invest in new infrastructure, throwing on new platforms for storage, housing or offices. But really, where it screams “GAME HERE” is that sections of it already feel like they are partof some post-apocalyptic hell, decaying and falling apart.

From Wikipedia:

The facility is poorly maintained, with miles of roads now submerged beneath the sea. Around some workers’ dormitories, the waterline now stands at the second-floor windows. Although a full one-third of the Oil Rocks complex’s 600 wells are inoperative or inaccessible, operations have continued without a significant increase in investment. The site, despite its imperfections, still produces over half of the total crude oil output of Azerbaijan. The government has striven to attract foreign investment into Oil Rocks, resulting in several new additions being grafted onto the existing structure.

Dormitories where the first two floors are flooded, but that are still in use! Miles of sunken roads, abandoned drill platforms, leaking and decaying storage containers… You can easily put a copy of this city off any coast and add it to your Mutant Future / Gamma World game, with an enclave of mutants still harvesting oil, making them a local superpower – albeit one very reliant on outside sources of scavenged hardware to keep their rigs in operation. For a more modern setting, it’s a perfect black/grey market environment for an espionage or cyberpunk scenario – a corporate city out in the middle of nowhere.

Oily Rocks