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Twilight:2000 1st edition hit locations for SO-120

Twilight:2000 1st edition hit locations for SO-120

Hit location tables can be fun.

Shooting at cars can be fun.

This hit location system works for games with minimal stats for vehicles, not for games like Twilight:2000 where vehicle stats read like the block at right. It works optimally with games like CyberPunk 3, d20 Modern and similar low-detail games.

d12 Civilian Vehicle Hit Location Table

1-2 – Tire / GE Skirt / Track (assume they have 1/4 the hit points of the vehicle proper)
3-4 – Engine (assume it has 1/3 the hit points of the vehicle proper)
5 – Crew
6 – Fuel (check to see if it blows up!)
7-10 – Vehicle Body (straight to the vehicle’s hit points – 25% chance it also hits cargo)
11-12 – Trivial Hit

d12 Trivial Hit Location Table

1. Dashboard Deity Decapitated (-1 unholy penalty on all rolls for vehicle until fixed)
2. Windows Shot Out (-1 penalty when driving really fast because you are now eating bugs)
3. Cigarette Lighter (Argh! Can’t light my smokes nor my pipebombs!)
4. Radio Jammed! (Shot jams the radio on to some annoying station)
5. Sound System Shredded (No more musical accompaniment)
6. Ashtray Explosion (-1 penalty on rolls for crew this round as butts and ash fly everywhere)
7. Glove Box Eruption (cabin is littered with napkins, lipstick, old pens and probably a dozen copies of expired insurance papers)
8. Spare Tire Punctured
9. Door Handle Shot Off (out through the windows, boys!)
10. Instrument Panel Insurrection (speedometer, fuel gauge and so on give bad readings or are blown away completely)
11. Steering Wheel (you lucky sod, there’s a chunk missing or a bullet jammed it it, but you got away clean!)
12. Dome Light Disabled (it’s dark in here!)

“Dashboard Deity Decapitated” is, of course, ripped directly from Greg Porter’s most awesome Macho Women With Guns supplement, Renegade Nuns on Wheels.

If you have any suggestions for more, the table can be split into two trivial tables (11 and 12 each going to their own table). So suggest your own trivial vehicular hits!