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Atarin's Delve

Atarin's Delve

Attarin’s Delve can either be used as a dungeon on it’s own, or can be used as a level in any megadungeon project or when you need a secret area for a treasure map to lead to.

It is stocked here for level 4 characters (who will need some magic weapons), but can be adjusted for higher or lower level parties by increasing or decreasing the number of monsters (or by mutating them – such as replacing the giant crabs with mutant giant crabs with an extra 2 hit dice, -2 AC, and +2 damage and feral intelligence to make them more of a challenge for instance). It was stocked with the B/X rules set in mind, but as such can obviously work with any of the appropriate editions of the game or the many retro-clones thereof.

If this dungeon is being used as a dungeon on its own right, then either remove the stairs north of area 14, or make them lead to a treasure room with whatever MacGuffin you are using to get your party to adventure here.

Atarin Darkhunter is the lord of this dungeon level, having taken over control along with his crew of murderous thugs. He uses the caverns here as a base of operations and also to hold on to prisoners as he either ransoms them back to someone who cares, or figures out how to make a profit from them as food for other monsters, slaves, or from whatever information they may possess.

Wandering Monsters

(1 in 8, roll each turn – roll 2d4)
2. Special – roll on the level 3 wandering monster table in the rule book
3. 1d2 Giant Crabs (AC: 2, HD: 3, Mv: 60 (20), Att: 2d6/2d6, Morale 7)
4. 1d2 Wererats (AC:7, HD: 3*, Mv: 120 (40), Att: d4 or d8, Morale 8 )
5. 1d8 Brigands (AC: 4, HD: 1, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d8, Morale 8 )
6. 1d2 Wererats (AC:7, HD: 3*, Mv: 120 (40), Att: d4 or d8, Morale 8 )
7. 1d2 Giant Crabs (AC:2, HD: 3, Mv: 60 (20), Att: 2d6 / 2d6, Morale 7)
8. Special – roll on the level 4 wandering monster table in the rule book

Atarin's Delve

Atarin's Delve (click for slightly larger view)

Encounter Areas

1. Entrance – This natural cavern is always guarded by 2 unlucky brigands (AC: 4, HD: 1, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d8, Morale 8 ) and a wererat (AC:7, HD: 3*, Mv: 120 (40), Att: d4 or d8, Morale 8 ). If they are engaged in combat they will make sufficient noise to get the attention of the party in area 3, so best to kill them quickly. If they can, they will try to escape, splitting up towards areas 3 & 5.

2. North Platform – this elevated cave area contains many old and split barrels and crates, leftovers from older raids and booty. Access to area 3 from here is by ladder down 15 feet to the floor below. To the north is a finished stone area with a low (4 1/2 foot) ceiling leading to a small chamber, 8 feet tall, containing a stone statue of a lizard man with a very thin slot in the middle of it’s back. The statue can be rotated clockwise to open a secret compatment under its feet, but doing so without inserting Atarin’s dagger will release a cloud of a fiercely halluginogenic gas. Each person exposed to it must save versus poison or suffer as confused (roll 2d6 each round: 2-5 – attack any enemies or the lizard statue if no enemies are about, 6-8 – stand baffled and inactive, 9-12 attack your fellow adventurers). Within the secret compartment is a velvet bag containing 3 pieces of jewelry (1,000 gp, 1,300 gp and 1,500 gp).

3. Lower Cave – This large cave contains a cooking fire and 12 brigands (AC: 4, HD: 1, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d8, Morale 8 ) who are enjoying a meal of giant crab.

4. Pillared Chamber – This area is partially natural but has been enlarged by workmen in ages past. The pillars are magical – anyone passing between them must save verus magic or fall asleep (even elves) for 1d4 hours or until smacked awake. The wererats are aware of this, but the brigands are not.

5. Atarin’s Kin – This room is home to 4 wererats (AC:7, HD: 3*, Mv: 120 (40), Att: d4 or d8, Morale 8 ). One has a 250 gp gem, butthe rest of their treasure is in the possession of their leader, Atarin.

6. Brigands – The remainder of the brigands operating under Atarin’s control live here (superior quarters to area 3). There are 8 brigands (AC: 4, HD: 1, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d8, Morale 8 ) and their lieutenant (AC: 2, HD: 2, Mv: 60 (20), Att: d8, Morale 8 ).

7. Pools – This sunken cavern has two pools in the southern end with limestone stalagtites hanging down above them. Within the pools are a pair of giant crabs (AC:2, HD: 3, Mv: 60 (20), Att: 2d6 / 2d6, Morale 7). Beyond the pools is a statue of a dragon rampant with a small slot in its back (like the slot in the lizard man statue in area 2. The statue can be moved identically to the one in area 2, however the trap here is a poisonous gas that deals 1d4 damage to each victim, or 2d12 damage if they fail their save versus poison. In addition, the gas is hightly flamable and will explode for 1d20 damage (in addition to the poisonous fumes) if there is a torch, lantern or similar fire source. In the secret compartment is an unlocked coffer containing 200 pp and 4,000 ep.

8. The Hollow Priest – The only creature here who has been able to coexist with Atarin’s crew is the hollow priest, an ancient and twisted creature that was once a hobgoblin. The passage leading to this room is decorated with bones of all kinds, and close examination shows they have been gnawed clean before being used here. The hollow priest (AC:5, HD: 4, hp: 21, Mv: 60 (30), Att: 1d8, Morale 11) looks like an ancient hobgoblin until he has been reduced to 10 or fewer hit points, when it becomes apparent that his dry skin is home to some dark ooze that gives him his power and mobility. He can cast spells as a level 4 cleric and has the following spells prepared: darkness, cause fear, hold person. Deep within the goo that animates the hollow priest is an unholy symbol that grants the wearer protection from good once per day.

9. Split Passage – The passage splits to an upper and lower area here. The lower area finishes at a clear source of good water, while the upper passage leads to area 10 and the wooden causeway.

10. Guards – 4 brigands (AC: 4, HD: 1, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d8, Morale 8 ) and a wererat (AC:7, HD: 3*, Mv: 120 (40), Att: d4 or d8, Morale 8 ) are based here and guard areas 11 and 13.

11. Atarin’s Base – These rooms and corridor are home to Atarin and his personal crew. Typically 1d4 brigands (AC: 4, HD: 1, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d8, Morale 8 ) and 1d4 wererats (AC:7, HD: 3*, Mv: 120 (40), Att: d4 or d8, Morale 8 ) are found in the passage from area 10 acting as guards or dealing with minor tasks such as cleaning up or arranging a kidnapping. The two rooms to the south house Atarin Darkhunter and 5 wererats (AC:7, HD: 3*, Mv: 120 (40), Att: d4 or d8, Morale 8 ). Atarin Darkhunter is a grizzled and mean wererat of considerable size. He spends most of his time in his giant humanoid rat form, but can also shift to rat or human forms. He receives +1 to hit and damage for his mighty strength. (AC: 5, Hit Dice: 4*, Move: 120 (40), Att: bite or polearm, Dmg: 1d4+1 (+ lycanthropy) or 1d10+2, Save As: F4, Morale: 9). Any of his wererats have their morale increased to 9 when in Atarin’s presence or when they can hear his orders. He wields a rusted and serrated Barbed Eastern Poleaxe +1 that deals +1 additional damage to anyone it has already dealt damage to. He also wears the Iron Band of the Hunter, a black iron ring that gives him +1 AC (like an inferior ring of protection). He has three 100 gp gems, a key (to the coffer below) and a decorative knife (used to open the statues in areas 2 and 7) on his person. Atarin’s distrust of his kin has him store his treasure in secret (see areas 2 and 7 for more of his treasure), but for appearances he does keep a locked coffer of 1,000 gp and 1,000 sp here.

12. Dark Recesses – This cave is 12 feet below the wooden causeway above that leads from area 9 to area 13. This lower area is home to 5 giant crabs (AC:2, HD: 3, Mv: 60 (20), Att: 2d6 / 2d6, Morale 7) who will remain hidden and under cover unless people explore the lower area.

13. Prison – 2 small cells and a large cell are locked and hold prisoners. One unlucky brigand (AC: 4, HD: 1, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d8, Morale 8 ) stands guard in the open alcove, and has the keys to the cell doors. Time to rescue the townfolk – this is likely why the players are here.

14. Ancient Evils – This room is lit by a glowing blue orb. Within it are 9 ghouls (AC:6, HD: 2*, Mv: 90 (30), Att: d3/d3/d3 +paralysis, Morale 9) who are very hungry. If the blue orb isn’t shattered (AC:0, 20 hp), ghoul corpses left here will re-animate in d12 hours.

15. Secret Spoils – This ancient secret chamber has been long forgotten andcontains 3 locked and poison-needled coffers. They contain 4,000 sp, 4,000 ep and 1,000 gp respectively.