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With all the attention given to one-hour dungeon maps, I thought I would actually try my hand at actually timing myself while drawing a map.

The trend was started with a dungeon map over at Planet Algol and a bunch of follow-ups have been tried by some awesome mappers around the blogosphere:

(and a tip of the hat to Dave at Tower of the Archmage for keeping track of all the one hour dungeons out there)

Because I was on a time limit, I didn’t put in my usual cross-hatching background. And then I discovered something. I found an hour almost too long. I ended up going back and adding details and thickening walls and finally having time to scan the map in that hour.

Here’s the raw scan of my 1 hour effort:

One Hour Dungeon - Raw Scan

One Hour Dungeon – Raw Scan

And here it is again after 20 minutes of post-production in photoshop (click on it to get the high-res version). Two new toys in Photoshop for this one – I created a grid overlay and a genuine Dyson Logos background fill.

One Hour Dungeon Map - Refined

One Hour Dungeon Map – Refined

Please note that this map has never been licensed for commercial use despite all the T-shirts, posters, books, fliers and so on that bear the likeness all around the web. If you would like to use this map for anything beyond a play aid or adventure at your personal table for a D&D game, please contact me to arrange for a license.