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Dyson's Dodecahedron, Issue 2

Dyson's Dodecahedron, Issue 2

As an effort to actually follow through on self-publishing anything besides my attempts at 24 and 48 hour RPG challenges, earlier this month I released my first RPG Zine – Dyson’s Dodecahedron.

The response has been positive enough (and about 500 copies have been downloaded), that I’ve pulled out InDesign again and have started on issue 2, as well as having just added the Dodecahedron page on the right navigation menu which will collect all the issues as they are released. Well, at least the first 2.

To avoid completely burning myself out on these, I’m going to stick to at most one issue a month – and no promises that I’ll keep up such an “aggressive” release schedule. (Ok, so there’s only 10 pages of content in each issue, so it’s not really that aggressive of a schedule, but I don’t want to tie myself to this cart quite yet).

So expect to see issue 2 out near the beginning of February – leaving me with a couple of weeks to actually draw a few illustrations for this issue instead of stealing ancient woodcuts like I did for the cover.

Special kudos to Christian over at Destination Unknown for his Iridia RPG Zine, which has something over 100 issues out now and who help inspire me to make this little bit of RPG zine of my own. Makes me wonder what I’ll do if this thing ever goes past issue 12 – it’s a dodecahedron, I guess I’ll have to go to Volume 2, Issue 1 instead of issue 13, or something.