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A Brigand by any other name…

Bandits from F.A.T.A.L. by Steev

Bandits from F.A.T.A.L. by Steev

Expand the Brigands entry on the encounter tables with this week’s random table.

OMG, Bandits! (d12)

  1. Brigands (typical bandits)
  2. Deserters (ex-military force trying to be self-sufficient – easiest to do if you take stuff from other people who do it better than you)
  3. Desperados (on a run of criminal activity, why not hit the party too?)
  4. Fugitives (on the run from the authorities, hungry and desperate)
  5. Highwaymen (on horseback, looking for easy looting)
  6. Outlaws (turned to banditry because they have been exiled / outlawed – possibly with good reason)
  7. Poachers (not so much out to get you, but defensive, criminal and probably hungry)
  8. Raiders (pillage first, then burn!)
  9. Robbers (up the loot, folks, and no one gets hurt)
  10. Slavers (your goods are gravy, they want you!)
  11. Thieves (might try to pretend to be friendly… at first)
  12. Thugs (local toughs here to show you how tough they really are)