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Another batch of endcaps drawn up for Dave’s Mapper. And I’m too damn lazy to cut them up into individual graphics like last time.

However, things just got a bit weird in computer land here – both the system that I was building the new issue of Dodecahedron on (it was finished except for one illustration) and the backup drive were cooked off in a power surge while I was doing an overnight backup. So I’ve lost all my source files for my maps and projects, which means just about everything I was hoping to accomplish in the next while has been trashed.

So, the Dodecahedron will probably be a little (a lot?) late. Right now I’m back to using a Linux system while I try to put together a new windows system with InDesign and Photoshop again so I can get back to it.

Geomorphic Endcaps Set 2

Geomorphic Endcaps Set 2 - Click to view the 300 dpi version