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(this article uses the rules posted on February 12th)

The stonelords are dwarves who have learned to tap into the elemental force of their birthright – stone and earth. They learn to tap into the strength and durability of stone and finally take on the form of stone.

Only dwarves (and stone giants and similar creatures if they are available as PC races in your game) can become stonelords. In games where race and class are separate, dwarves of any class can become StoneLords.

(inspired by Monte Cook’s StoneLord prestige class in Dragon #278

Earth’s Blood (First Circle)

Three times per day, the stonelord can heal his own wounds using a lump of mud and rubbing it into the wound, replacing damaged flesh with earth. This is the same as casting cure light wounds but only works on the stonelord.

StoneShape (First Circle)

Three times per day, the stonelord can mold and shape earth and stone as if it were soft clay. This is treated identically to the stone shape spell but with a range of touch.

Might of Stone (Second Circle)

Twice per day, if in contact with earth or stone, the stonelord can temporarily increase his Strength as if under the effects of a strength spell.

Endurance of the Earth (Second Circle)

This ability is identical to Might of Stone, but increases the stonelord’s Constitution and thus improves his hit points while under the effects of this ability.

Earthgrip (Third Circle)

Once per day the stonelord can cast hold monster on any creature standing on earth or stone.

Gravity (Third Circle)

Once per day the stonelord can cast slow.

Earthquake (Fourth Circle)

Once per week the stonelord can cast earthquake.

EarthForm (Fifth Circle)

Once per month the stonelord can become an earth elemental with a number of hit dice equal to his level. He retains the us of his other abilities and magic items and gains all the abilities and statistics of his elemental form (those that are better than his own abilities). If using the elemental subtypes from Dyson’s Dodecahedron #1, then the stonelord can learn subtypes that he can assume like a magic user learns how to summon them. He remains in this form until he decides to revert to his natural form.