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Paladin by Jeff Dee

Paladin by Jeff Dee

(this article uses the rules posted on February 12th)

Fighter prestige classes are often the hardest to put together correctly, and this remains true using the Glantri Crafts format. But if I’m going to show the system in use, I need one – after all there are a bunch of Magic-User ones already in the source material, and I’ve done sample racial, thief and cleric classes, leaving only the fighter to be accounted for.

Justicars are wanderers who right injustices as they travel the world or their territory. Noble warriors who seek out chaos and act as the sword of righteousness. And all that other good paladiny stuff. However, Justicars are not the force of law so much as they are of justice – whether that be what the law would want or otherwise. As such, they are often rogue agents, operating on their own agendas, some even having such warped views of justice that they would be best described as evil, similar to illriggers or even anti-paladins.

Bastion Against Chaos (First Circle)

The Justicar radiates the effects of Protection from Chaos 10′ radius (similar to protection from evil).

Smite Foe (First Circle)

Three times per day the Justicar may elect to act last in the round (regardless of initiative) in order to deliver a mighty blow to his chosen target. The target must be someone or some thing that the Justicar feels he is right to be hunting. The smite gains a +1 bonus to hit and deals +4 damage.

Track Criminal (First Circle)

The Justicar gains the ranger’s tracking ability. Ranger justicars do not need to acquire this circle to move on to second circle abilities.

Sense Injustice (Second Circle)

Twice per day the justicar can sense injustice – allowing him to sense the crimes committed by those within 60 feet of him. This ability lasts for 1 turn per circle of the justicar, and it takes one minute to examine one target to determine if they are guilty of a crime, and another minute to determine what that crime is. Some justicars have very different ideas of what constitutes a crime, and this ability is based on the justicar’s morals, not the law nor the target’s. The crime must have been committed in the last month, and the target must not have been caught or punished for it.

Survival Instinct (Second Circle)

Justicars are often hunted by those they would hunt – with assassins and thugs sent to stop them in their relentless quest to see justice done. Thus, they learn to be eternally vigilant, and are only surprised on a 1 in 6 instead of the usual 1-2. Further, if using individual initiatives, they gain a +1 bonus to initiative.

Relentless Pursuit (Third Circle)

Once per day the Justicar can launch into tireless pursuit of his quarry. For four hours he can track at his full movement rate, and doesn’t need to stop for food, drink nor other breaks.

Shield the Weak (Fourth Circle)

Once per day the Justicar can magically protect any number of persons with less hit dice or levels than himself (individually) within 60 feet for one turn. Each person so protected gains a +2 bonus on all saving throws and suffers only half damage from attacks. However, half of the damage prevented in this way is dealt to the Justicar.

Armour of Justice (Fifth Circle)

Once per week the Justicar can wrap himself in the armour of his faith in justice and righteousness for one hour. During this time he gains a +4 bonus on all saving throws and all damage from spells, attacks and other damage sources are reduced by 5 points per attack or source. Damage taken from the Shield the Weak power is applied separately, with each attack dealing damage to the Justicar individually.