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If there is anything that feels like a classic fantasy story, it is arriving in a town or city just in the midst or verge of a major festival.

So what’s the party all about?

Table 1 – Random Festivals (d12)

  1. Celebrating the anniversary of the end of a war.
  2. Religious celebration (table 2).
  3. Agricultural fair – showing off animals and foodstuffs.
  4. The Great Fast – a day or week when all the inhabitants fast and are quiet and reserved.
  5. Celebration of the beginning of the local calendar year.
  6. Celebration of the anniversary of a great heroic deed.
  7. Spontaneous celebration of an important marriage.
  8. Trade festival.
  9. Party to ward off bad luck and renew the good.
  10. Remembrance of a great tragedy.
  11. A major funeral.
  12. Contests of prowess – military, skill or magical.

Table 2 – Religious Celebrations (d4)

  1. Anniversary of the arrival of a great saint or religious leader.
  2. Traditional celebration of blessings.
  3. Day of purification.
  4. Anniversary of the birth of a great saint or religious leader.