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Labyrinth Lord pocketmod sheet

Labyrinth Lord pocketmod sheet

It’s been a while since I posted a character sheet here.

This is one I started working on well over a year ago and then forgot about. Again, like my other D&D sheets, it is in an “unconventional” format – this time a pocketmod. If you don’t know your way around a pocketmod, it’s a way of folding a piece of paper to make an 8-page booklet. This character booklet was designed specifically for the format so you can have easily pocket-portable PCs.

Foglio Character Portrait

Foglio Character Portrait copyright WotC

The ability scores are on the second page of the sheet, leaving the front page for character name, race, class, level and a fairly large space to provide an illustration or sigil or crest or what-have-you.

If you REALLY suck at drawing, you can check out the character portraits online archive maintained by WotC from the 3e print run of Dragon Magazine. I’m particularly enamoured with Phil Foglio’s ones…



Here’s how the sheet will look when you download it. Just follow the directions over on the PocketMod website to fold it and make the one cut necessary to use it, and enjoy!

Pocketmod Labyrinth Lord Sheet

Pocketmod Labyrinth Lord Sheet - Click to Download the PDF