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After the various discussions and experiments with one-hour maps in late January, I tried my hand at two maps – one to see how long it takes me to draw a full map with my trademark crosshatching and stuff, and one without the crosshatching (adding the crosshatching digitally afterwards).

It turns out that it takes me just over 2 hours to put together a full map in my traditional style. I tried to be as quick as possible, but couldn’t get it done any faster. However, I attempted to draw an equivalent map without the crosshatching in under one hour, but found it less… fun. I like the crosshatching and find it relaxing.

Hell, on this one I also added dirt and rocks to my usual cross-hatching.

I’ll post the one-hour map tomorrow. But for today, here’s my 2 hour masterpiece, the Ruins of the Gorgon.

Two Hour Map - The Ruins of the Gorgon

Two Hour Map - The Ruins of the Gorgon