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As followup to yesterday’s two hour map, here’s the one-hour map attempt. It isn’t nearly as awesome as the two-hour map, and also has a big mistake on the sideview map (the cave leading to the northeast on the main section does not appear on the sideview, much to my embarrassment).

Here is the raw scan of the map, to show how much was done by hand (in 50 minutes):

One Hour Map - Raw Scan

One Hour Map - Raw Scan

And here is the map after ten minutes of post-production in Photoshop. It would look a lot better with a bit more love, detail and attention (and another 10 minutes of post-production too), but the goal was to do it all in an hour. In the end, it just isn’t as awesome as the two-hour map I posted yesterday.

One Hour Map - Cavern of Greth

One Hour Map - The Sunken Cavern of Greth