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IPC Encased Armour

IPS Encased Armour (scanned from Heavy Metal magazine)

While most Encased armour found in the Mutant Future was of military design and use (thus the term EMA – Encasing Military Armour), some advanced nations used light encasing armour for police operations.

The IPS armour detailed here was used by police forces in urban centres to maintain peace, particularly in the years leading up to the end. It is significantly lower cost than traditional EMA suits – partially because they utilize less defensive systems than military suits, the most expensive of which is the force screens.

The IPS armour does have the following standard EMA systems, as described on page 116 of the Mutant Future core rules:

  • Air Filtration (12 hours of contained air instead of 3 days)
  • IR/UV/Nightvision
  • Communications
  • Environmental Gauges (minus radiation tracking)
  • BattleDoc 4500 (healing 2d10 damage instead of 3d10)

It is lacking the following systems:

  • Force Screens
  • WEPD (see below for the police security system)
  • Weapon Systems (however, see below for weapon linkages)

The reduced power usage of the suit allows it to run for 120 hours on the standard minifusion cells, well beyond the normal 72 hour EMA performance envelope.

The IPS SafeSec system doesn’t melt down the suit when the wearer is killed like most military suits, however the suit cannot be activated without a police transponder worn by the person suiting up. Traditionally these transponders were implanted into the suit teams, although in the mutant future most IPS suit wearers carry the transponder in a pocket or as a locket or charm.

The basic armour is much akin to SEMA scout armour in design, slightly taller than the wearer (6’8″ tall is typical). It provides the user with the ability to lift up to 750 kg, and run at up to 35 mph for extended periods and jump up to 60 feet vertically and 120 feet horizontally. An unarmed strike from an IPS suit deals 3d6 damage. The suit provides an Armour Class of 2 but weighs half as much as a scout suit. There is a port in the suit to mount an additional minifusion cell or a pair of other power cells in order to power energy weapon systems.