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I love random tables. Duh. Thus these Random Thursday posts.

But today, I’m going to link to some of my favourite random tables from around the internet.

Random Randomness (d12)

  1. The Thrones of Telengard (from Swords & Dorkery) tables  for what happens when you sit on a throne, pry gems from one, or read the magical runes therefrom – based on the awesome old-school computer dungeon crawl “Telengard”.
  2. Random Headgear (from B/X Blackrazor) full page PDF table for determining what awesome hat your character is wearing.
  3. Weird Treasure Containers (from Telecanter’s Receding Rules) 40 places where treasure can be found, but that you probably weren’t expecting.
  4. Alternate Spellbooks (from Malevolent & Bening) 21 alternate mnemonic tools for magic users instead of and in addition to the classic musty tome.
  5. Random Facial Hair (from Jeff’s Gameblog) A great complement to the Random Headgear earlier on this table.
  6. Hex Dressing (from The Society of Torch, Pole & Rope) 20 interesting additional things found in a wilderness hex.
  7. The Price of Magic (from Grognardia) Side effects of leveling up as a magic-user. Or it can be used when a wizard over-stretches his limits, magically.
  8. What’s in the Barrel? (from Swords & Dorkery) d30 things found in a barrel or other container. Very diablo-esque.
  9. The Infinity Rings (from Vulcan Stev) d30 minor magical rings that let you do something at will.
  10. Doc Aquatic’s Random Encounter Chart (from 4Chan /tg via Jeff’s Gameblog) 100 awesome aquatic encounters
  11. Unusual Island Characteristics (from RPG Blog II) 100 unusual things on the island – great for seafaring games or especially for the Agon RPG.
  12. Random Castle Shenanigans (from Jeff’s Gameblog) d20 shenanigans. I love shenanigans.

I know there are a lot more awesome tables out there. So PLEASE, link me to your favourites!