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Against the Giants

Battles Against the Giants – from Heavy Metal magazine

I’ve been playing D&D through various editions since the late 70’s, but one adventure set I only actually played through quite recently in the grand scheme of things. The three “Giants” series adventure modules (later collected into the Against the Giants set, which is what we were playing through). It is often referenced as one of the module sets that are part of the common “background” of many of the D&D players from the old days of early 80’s dungeon-bashing.

However, my own first exposure to these classic adventures was about five years ago during a 3.5 campaign I was playing in, and the DM was running a slower level advancement than standard for either 3e or even for the original AD&D1e game. In order to bring up our levels to par for the three modules in the set. Between adventures we were involved in a few actual large scale battles against giants during their raids on human settlements.

We had originally thought that slowing down the level advancement would bring us to the normal advancement of 1e characters, but it ended up slowing our advancement down enough that we needed the interim adventures / battles to keep our advancement to the pace required to run through the modules as written. It seems that 3e and 1e were pretty close to each other in advancement pacing.