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I’ve been floating around a few ideas for RPGs I would consider writing and playing. I affectionately call my list “Great Ideas for Bad Games”.

Currently there are five top entries on the list:

Princes of the New Ice

Massive climate change, demonic invasion, and a biological WWIII have left much of the world trapped under snow and ice. Warlords control what is left as snowmobile gangs fight over resources and territory. Characters can be traditional mutants, or demon-tainted mutants who more resemble the characters from Palladium’s Nightbane RPG. (Using Mutant Future with some of the GORE skill system).

Violence & Valentines

Have your own Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre with this bloody foray into love, romance and gunplay. Characters have to be generated together with inter-personal ties as part of the chargen process and you can lend your bonuses in combat to your love interests in game, encouraging a love-triangle dynamic.


Players take on the roles of hard pipe-hittin’ gangers expanding their street empire one crack den at a time. Think DrugWars, the table top RPG.

CrackDown – Cultist Edition

See above, but throw in crazed cults, minor magic, and cthonian evils.

The New Minds

Players take on the role of mind-flayer-like creatures, each with a secret they would kill to keep hidden. Chargen is a set of six triangle shaped cards each with a personality trait and appropriate stats/skills that go with said personality trait. Whenever a flayer kills / mentally destroys a victim, he can swap in one or two of the victim’s mental traits, replacing that many of his existing traits. Various mental attacks work best against certain personality traits, and thus it is in the best interest of the flayer to keep changing his traits in order to keep the other flayers from sneaking into his inner secret.