Since Thursday was the 2nd anniversary of the blog, I thought I should take a poke at the site stats and see what they can tell me. Over the two years I’ve seen well over 300,000 hits (you can get the exact count on the lower right hand side of the sidebar), and a slow evolution of the blog from a focus on characters for every RPG to a blog that is mostly B/X D&D focused. I still love (and play) a lot of RPGs, but the fact is that I get the most feedback for my D&D material and it is the game I run the most and put the most work into. That and every time I pick up a point-buy or complex game to make a character for the blog in… I end up bogging down. I’ve done characters for most of my “easier” games, and keep wanting to get back to making more (after all, the goal is still 400 characters for 200 games), but finding the time to create a cool GURPS or Living Steel character just seems impossible these days.

The most fun I had making a character for the blog wasn’t even a character really. It was Cruar’s Cove – a city I generated using the rules in Mike Mearl’s “CityWorks” published by FFG. A project that took me four posts to complete but ended with a city I used in one of my recent games.

But at the same time, my most popular posts by sheer hit-count are topped by a non-D&D post; 5 Truly Worthy Post Apocalyptic RPGs (May 2009). Something about this article draws in the search engines. Most readers don’t stick around from this page, so it seems they are probably looking for CRPGs like Fallout. Nonetheless, this one post has over 15,000 hits since it was posted. It also has never been stumbled, reddited or otherwise linked to from other blogs, making it so most of the hits are from google.

Not surprisingly, the next most popular posts are some of my older downloads – My D&D Character sheets and Goblin Gully. The surprise newcomer is the Dyson’s Delve page that I put up to compile the levels of the Delve as I posted them week – to – week which has now drawn over 4,000 hits (and the delve itself has been downloaded over a thousand times, nearly as many as my character sheets!)

Somewhere along the way I dropped the Top 5 lists that I tried to publish each weekend. I don’t remember actually dropping them, but I found them to be becoming more and more difficult to put together. At the same time, I do miss them. Maybe I’ll revisit them soonish.

One of the latest additions to the routine of the site, the Random Thursday posts, haven’t been drawing a lot of traffic, but they do seem to draw a lot of commentary. And I post them because I use them – I love random tables and use them a lot when setting up my games (although quite rarely in actual play – I typically don’t even roll on them, I use them for inspiration – picking and choosing what tickles my fancy for this week’s game).

Finally we come to the latest addition to the blog – my zine. The work on the blog has been a lot of fun for the past two years, but the zine has been incredibly rewarding to me personally – just to be able to print out my favourite articles in digest-sized booklets for my own use. It is something I’ll definitely try to keep going with, and hopefully I’ll keep it up long enough that I’ll be able to put together an annual compilation that can be published through LuLu.

So, what do you like about the blog? What needs to change?