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World of Darkness: Mummy (2nd Edition)

World of Darkness: Mummy (2nd Edition)

One of the cooler supplemental supernaturals in the World of Darkness through the old World of Darkness iterations were the tuly immortal Mummies.

The rules for mummies went through three editions. The first and second are fairly similar overall, with some minor differences and more details in the second edition – they went on to make a full variant game as the third edition (Mummy the Resurrection) and they also make an appearance in the new World of Darkness.

Mummies in the classic World of Darkness are true immortals – when they die part of their soul remains with their body to protect it, while the conscious part of the soul travels into the underworld of “Wraith: the Oblivion” and must perform fairly “good” deeds to resurrect his body – the most active and honourable of mummies can bring themselves back from the dead in a few game sessions.

As Wraith remains my favourite of the World of Darkness games, this mix of game play in the “real” world as well as the underworld is perfect – mummies work very well in a game of Vampire.

I’ll be making two Mummies today and tomorrow. Today is a “typical” starting mummy and tomorrow I’ll write up the classic enemy of the mummies (and a great foil for just about any World of Darkness group), a Bane Mummy servant of Apophis.

My goal for this mummy is a character that can play along with a Vampire coterie and kind of fit in (immortal to quasi-immortal, vampires seem to be the best match for mummies). Now, since Horus has a big anti-vampire thing going, this will mean making a mummy from one of the groups that learned the secret to their creation after the Egyptian dynasties… The Cabiri is the term used for Europeans that were turned into immortals using a stolen version of Horus’ great rite between 500 BCE and 1500 CE – so I’ll go with a fairly modern mummy who was part of a mystery cult around 1,000 CE. Hell, I’ll tie him in to the whole vampire thing by making him a member of the cult of Mithras in London, turned into an immortal on the eve of the fall of London to the Normans in 1066 – not realizing at the time that he was worshiping a vampire and not a Roman deity (something he has since learned of in nearly a thousand years of extended life).

Michael was a scholar who had been to the seminary but had not become a priest or a monk who then fell into the ranks of the cult of Mithras. There he continued his studies, and was approached in time by a Greek mummy (one of the original Cabiri) who was also looking into the powerful prince of London and who saw great potential in Michael. Finally, on the eve of the fall of London, this ancient Greek gave Michael the gift of the Great Rite. Since discovering the true nature of Mithras, Michael has become one obsessed with the secretive habits of the ancient undead, and has become a scholar of all things vampiric. His demeanor is definitely that of a pedagogue – someone who seeks to help others through knowledge. However, his true nature is that of a celebrant – he takes great pleasure in his learning the secrets of the dead and isn’t actually all that concerned with helping others or even making use of this knowledge.

Mental abilities will be his primary, social secondary, and physical will be his last choice. Similarly, Knowledges will trump over Talents and Skills. Lots of points go into Awareness so he can spot the supernatural, as well as Enigmas and Occult. To keep him somewhat interesting to play and not completely harmless, a few points into a few combat skills are also taken, acquired during his long years of immortality around the vampires.

The unique magical powers of the mummies are called “Hekau”. As a mummy Michael automatically has one dot in Necromancy. I’ll go with two levels of amulet magic and one of ushabti (figurines that become servants). Mummies also get six dots in backgrounds and have access to one from Mage that is excellent for a vampire chronicle – Arcane (the ability to go unnoticed). He puts points into Arcane, Journal (a library of his own writings so he remembers his own past), Mentor (the Cabiri that created him), and a Tomb where his body can reform when slain. He’ll also need resources – after all, a thousand years is a long time to collect interest. I’ll definitely need to spend some of the finishing touches freebie points on more background points.

Mummies have three “virtues” – Memory, Joy and Integrity. Memory is used to remember moments from past lives, Joy to avoid confusion over change, and Integrity to maintain his Humanity in the face of changing morality or immoral actions. As a scholar, I’m putting a lot into his Memory, and more Joy (he loves learning new things) than Integrity (after all, he consorts with vampires).

He grabs the Clear Sighted merit which allows him to see through Chimerstry, Obfuscate and other magics that conceal things. Scholar of Vampires (from the Guide to the Camarilla) provides a bonus when making checks about vampires and a penalty when making checks about other supernaturals – indicating how Michael’s research through the ages has been nearly obsessive in a single field. Since he starts with the ability to create lesser talismans (amulets that increase an attribute by 1), I’ll start him off with a single perception-boosting amulet and a Stamina-booster.

With his resources of 2, he lives in an apartment downtown that is maintained by two servant ushabti, from whence he makes his explorations into the local kindred affairs.

Current Name: Mike O’Shea
Original Name: Michael of Thames
True Name:

Concept: Scholar and Mystic
Nature: Celebrant
Demeanor: Pedagogue

Occupation: Scholar
Year of Birth: 1025
First Death: 1066

Strength: oo
Dexterity: oo
Stamina: oo(o)

Charisma: ooo
Manipulation: oo
Appearance: ooo

Perception: oooo(o)
Intelligence: oooo
Wits: oo


  • Alertness: oo
  • Awareness: oooo
  • Streetwise: o
  • Subterfuge: ooo


  • Etiquette: ooo
  • Firearms: o
  • Meditation: oooo
  • Melee: oo
  • Security: oo
  • Stealth: ooo


  • Cosmology: o
  • Enigmas: oooo
  • Investigation: oooo
  • Linguistics: oooo
  • Medicine: o
  • Occult: oooo
  • Science: o


  • Amulets: oo
  • Necromancy: o
  • Ushabti: oo


  • Arcane: oooo
  • Journal: ooo
  • Mentor: o
  • Resources: ooo
  • Tomb: o


  • Memory: ooooo
  • Joy: ooo
  • Integrity: ooo

Merits & Flaws

  • Clear-Sighted (See through concealing magics with a Perception + Alertness roll DC = power level +3)
  • Scholar of Vampires (-2 difficulty on rolls about vampires, +1 difficulty on rolls about other supernaturals)

Willpower: oooooo
Humanity: oooooooo
Sekhem: ooo
Ba: oooooooo
Ka: ooooo


  • Lesser Talisman (DC 7, 10 Sekhem, Create an amulet that increases a stat by 1)
  • Lesser Servitors (DC 5, 1 Sekhem to create, 1 per month to keep active, Creates a simple servant)