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After statting out Michael yesterday, a starting Mummy straight out of the character generation rules for the World of Darkness Mummy (2nd Edition) rules, today I’m going to build a “higher level” mummy character to be used as a villain in a future Vampire the Masquerade chronicle. The villains of the Mummy setting are the Bane Mummies – an evil bunch of seven mummies that were created by Set. In game terms I’ll be creating a mummy by the standard rules, then modifying the mummy using the Formori rules from Freak Legion, and then throwing a hundred XP at the character to finish upgrading the character into something big and evil – while at the same time trying to keep him similar in feel and concept to Michael, the “good” mummy I wrote up yesterday.

Of the seven Bane Mummies, one is already statted out in the rule book (Amam the Devourer), leaving the other six to pick from. I’ll grab the first one on the list – Tutu the Doubly Evil. Great name.

My concept for Tutu is someone who has betrayed not only his kin as he became a servant of Set, but in turn betrayed Set and the bane mummies and began working with the Shemsu-Heru (the mummies who serve Horus), and of course in time betrayed them again and is an independent operative now.

In his current incarnation, he presents himself as an older male of Egyptian descent. He has his own motivations and goals, but currently they involve stealing something of import to the players’ coterie. Most likely this is a piece of information they have but don’t understand the relevance of – this works best if one of the coterie is a Setite or Serpent of the Light, and Tutu is searching for his or her grandsire or other part of his or her heritage. Even when he is not questing directly against the coterie, Tutu finds it difficult to remain truly anonymous and hidden despite his status as one hunted by the Shemsu-Heru, the Setites, the other bane mummies and every other immortal he has managed to piss off in his two thousand years of life. His attempts at anonymity are crippled by his addiction to human sacrifice and his derangement-level paranoia (both to be detailed later when I do his Formori Taints).

With the occupational background of Priest, it is expected that he’ll have Social stats as his primary, along with appropriately priestly skills, talents and knowledges.

For his Hekau paths I’ll go with a wide spread for now – true name magic (Ren-Hekau), figurines (Ushabti), potions (Alchemy) and of course the mandatory Necromancy. Each at level 1 for now, to be cranked up with XP. His six background points go into resources and an artifact / relic. I’ll figure out what this magical item will be later. Obviously, with his history of double-dealing and treachery, his Integrity virtue will be next to nothing, so I’ll put the points into Memory and Joy (he takes joy in being a bastard).

His 30 freebie points go into cranking up each of his Hekau to level 2 and bringing his Seckem (magic points) up by 1. Then it is time to pick up his Formori powers and taints.

To go with the “doubly evil” name, I’ll give Tutu an alternate form that he can transform into – that of a twisted snake-like worm that represents his wyrm and setite taint. This is handled using the Shapechange power (3 points – one alternate form), along with 6 points of Size (making him the size of a great white shark or a rhino in this form – also giving him +3 Strength in this form and three extra health levels to take damage to) and for four points he gets Roar of the Wyrm, a massive roar that allows him to roll Charisma + Intimidation (DC6) against his opponents’ Willpower roll (DC6) or they run in fear and terror from him. Finally for 3 points he gets a lashing tail that gives him an extra attack each round (Strength + Brawl, DC7) dealing Strength +2 damage.

That’s 16 points of powers, so he needs 16 points of taints. Right off the bat we need the addiction to human sacrifice that I mentioned in the introduction. For three points he has to force an innocent into revering the beast Apophis in a perverse ritual once per week, and for an additional point he has to actually sacrifice someone to Apophis once a month. He also has a severe paranoia which accounts for his inability to work with any group for any length of time (and also has him routinely using the same person for the sacrifice that he previously had worshiping Apophis along with him). That’s 7 points, so we need another 9 points. For 6 points, the roar of the wyrm power gets combined with the Disintegration taint – every time he uses it, he suffers a health level of damage that takes a day to heal. The last three points are from the essential taint – Worms. Tutu is host to parasitic worms, small blind avatars of Apophis, that he must vomit up at least once a day.

He starts with 32 points of spells and I’ll focus on Alchemy primarily – with a healing salve, a perfume that increases his Appearance and Charisma by 2 for those who would normally find him attractive to begin with,  and one that increases his perception for a scene. He also picks up some necromantic spells – including one that forces wraiths to leave his vicinity, very important when you run around sacrificing people on a regular basis, who knows how many of them will come back to haunt you? Finally, a bit of true name magic that allows him to destroy rocks and minerals by telling the world to forget it exists.

And it is time to spend some experience points to power up this mummy above the level of a starting character. I’ll throw 100 experience points at Tutu, making him pretty potent, but not the most powerful of the Bane Mummies. 12 points bring up his Dexterity and Strength by one each. Needing to be able to take advantage of his wyrm form, 4 points of Brawl set him back 15 points. 25 XP picks up another two levels of Ren-Hekau, and I spend a pile of XP on spells.

For his Artifact, I’ll go with a magical amulet created with the Amulets Hekau, probably by a Shemsu-Heru he was once allied with. A Metal Ward doubles his Stamina when soaking damage from metal sources.

Tutu, the Doubly Evil

Bane Mummy

Concept: Twisted Priest and Betrayer
Current Name: Karim Farouq
Known Name: Tutu, the Doubly Evil
True Name:
Year of Birth: 45 BCE
First Death: 5 BCE
Apparent Age: 50
Occupation: Priest

Strength: ooo
Dexterity: oo
Stamina: ooo

Charisma: oooo
Manipulation: oooo
Appearance: oo

Intelligence: oooo
Perception: oo
Wits: ooo

Alertness 3, Awareness 4, Brawl 4, Empathy 3, Expression 2, Intimidation 4, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3

Etiquette 2, Leadership 3, Mediation 3, Performance 2

Cosmology3 , Enigmas 3, Investigation 2, Linguistics 3, Medicine 1, Occult 3

Artifact 3 (metal ward – double Stamina versus metal), Resources 3

Merits & Flaws:
Enemy (5 points – Set, the Shemsu-Heru, and more), Bad Eyesight (1 point – wears glasses)

Memory 5, Joy 4, Integrity 1

WillPower: 6
Humanity: 6
Sekhem: 6
Ba: 6
Ka: 5


  • Shapechange – 1 alternate form – giant wyrm/dragon
  • Size – Huge size in alternate form, +3 Strength, +3 Health Levels, -2 DC to be hit
  • Roar of the Wyrm – 1 WP – Charisma + Intimidation (DC6) against his opponents’ Willpower roll (DC6) or they run in fear and terror
  • Lashing Tail – Extra attack each round, Strength + Brawl DC7, Str+2 damage


  • Addiction: once per week must force an innocent into perverse ritual subservience to Apophis.
  • Addiction: once per month, human sacrifice to Apophis.
  • Derangement: Paranoia.
  • Disintegration: Roar of the Wyrm deals 1 health level of damage.
  • Worms: Host to parasitic worms, small blind avatars of Apophis, that he must vomit up at least once a day.


Necromancy 2

  • Body Preservation – DC4 – Preserves the body for 50 years
  • Banish the Dead – DC of target’s WP – Forces a wraith to leave the vicinity of the Mummy

Alchemy 3

  • Perfume of Longing – DC6 – +2 Charisma and Appearance
  • Simple Tonic – DC6 – Heals 1 Health Level
  • Thoth’s Ink – DC7 – +1 Perception
  • Tireless Drink – DC 8, 1 Sekhem, +2 Stamina
  • Potent Draught – DC 8, 1 Sekhem, +2 Strength

Ren-hekau 4

  • Forgetting the Stone – DC4, 1 Sekhem – Destroys 1 cubic meter of mineral material
  • Mend Flesh – DC5, 1 Sekhem – Heals 1 Health Level of damage per success
  • Enslave – DC of target’s WP, 3 Sekhem – Takes full command of a victim

Ushabti 2

  • Creatures – DC 7, 3 Sekhem +1 / day – Creates servant animals