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Menhir illustration by Philip Reeve

Standing stones are an immediate fantasy hook because of most of our obsession over the megaliths such as Stonehenge. Doubly so for those of us who live in parts of the world where such things are not found (like us North Americans).

Strange Stones (d12)

  1. Single massive stone covered in ancient runes and carvings worn down by the ages.
  2. Single ring of granite menhirs.
  3. Double ring of stones.
  4. Large pyramid-shaped stone towers over the area like an unnatural hill.
  5. Natural ‘throne’ of mossy black stone.
  6. Veined table stone held up by two smaller stones.
  7. Pierced stone (either by the elements or by workmen) made into a unique menhir.
  8. Fallen stones that were once a circle, now mostly buried and covered in grass.
  9. Two tall standing carved columns, once part of a temple or other structure.
  10. Massive exposed bedrock with natural-seeming protrusions in a circle (probably formed by magic or the actions of earth elementals).
  11. Massive menhir carved to resemble a knife, axe or other weapon.
  12. Roll again twice and combine the results into a collection or formation of stones.