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Unless stated otherwise, magical potions grant the drinker a given magical ability for 1d6+6 turns. Don’t forget to find out what the potion is contained in using the Random Potion Containers table.



The user gains a +1 bonus on to hit rolls, damage rolls from melee and ranged weapon attacks, and a +1 bonus to his armor class.


This potion allows the character who drinks it to move 50% faster than normal. He gains a +1 bonus on individual initiative and a +1 bonus to Armor Class.

Elemental Bane

These potions are anathema to elementals. Merely having the potion bottle uncorked within 20 feet of an elemental will inflict 1 point of damage per round. Shattering the potion (which can be thrown as a flask of oil) will release a cloud of mist that fills a 20 foot radius and then evaporates nearly immediately. Elementals caught in the area of the mist when it is released are dealt 4d8 damage. There are five types of elemental bane potion, the major elemental bane potion affecting all elementals, and the minor ones affecting only one type of elemental.

Elemental Bane Potion Type (d8)
1. Lesser – Air
2. Lesser – Earth
3. Lesser – Fire
4. Lesser – Water
5. Lesser – Wood
6-8. Greater – All


This potion is treated as a potion of poison if inbibed. However, if thrown as a flask of oil, it will explode dealing 3d6 damage to all within 10 feet of it, and 1d6 damage to those within a 20 foot radius.

Hero’s Heartblood

The user of this potion gains a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls, retainer morale goes up by +2, and is immune to fear. Neutral characters gain half this bonus, and Chaotic characters must make a saving throw against spells – if successfull they gain the full bonuses as they force the spirit of the hero to help them, otherwise the chaotic character suffers a -1 penalty on attack and damage rolls for the duration.


The user gains +1 on all attack rolls and saving throws while mounted, and under his command his mount gains these same bonuses.