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DungeonMorph Dice

DungeonMorph Dice

Okay, so I’m cheating. No actual random table this week, instead I’m pimping DungeonMorph Dice, a kickstarter project from Joe at Inkwell Ideas.

Take the concept (and design) of my geomorphs, and put them onto 1″ dice. These are being custom-engraved (not printed, so they won’t wear off) and a bunch of us have been working behind the scenes with Joe of Inkwell Ideas to come up ideas for the final run. It’s now up on Kickstarter, and if you think rolling up random dungeons is a cool idea, check it out and buy in! And the sweet thing with Kickstarter is that if the project fails to get off the ground, you get your money back, so it’s really no risk. If you jump in at the top level of pledge, you get 6 sets of 5 dice and you help design one of the faces of the dice (one of the geomorph crew will probably work with you to make your great idea into awesome plastic).

Seriously, get on it!