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I’ll confess, I haven’t scanned a map in about a month. I’ve been working from a backlog of scans I made and posting them (including the upcoming Friday map).

After the big crash which killed my hard drive and my backup drive, my windows system would not recognize my scanner. It recognized it before, but somewhere in the windows reinstall the thing got borked. And it remains borked. So I have to boot into Linux to scan, and I’m inherently lazy, so rarely do so.

Turns out that my scanner is screwing up now too.

This is the best scan I managed of the map for the One Page Dungeon contest – if this were a scan of one of my pencil maps I’d be happy with it, but I’ve never had one of my inked maps come out this rough, or as inconsistent in shade and texture. I’m really pretty bummed about this as it may end up requiring that I pick up a new scanner to get back into the swing of things.

The Worm's Gullet

The Worm's Gullet

I was originally going to post the whole one page dungeon today, but I’ve spent the last three hours tweaking with the scanner and software and am just burned out.

And I have to get some real work done for that person who pays my bills.