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Diablo 2 Fountain

Fountain in the Monastery of the Sightless Eye

Fountains make me flash back to good old Telengard where drinking from one was a big tactical decision because it could heal you, poison you, do nothing, grant a bit of XP, or otherwise screw up your life forever… like most things in that game, to be honest.

What is this? (d12)

  1. Natural fountain, a basin of rocks that water burbles or tumbles into.
  2. Statue of a nymph or other good humanoid pouring water out of a pitcher or ewer.
  3. Face of one or more gargoyles (roll d4-1, minimum of 1) spitting water into a basin or small trough.
  4. Statue of a dragon breathing a stream of water instead of fire
  5. Relief of a fierce animal head (lion or bull or something similar) with water pouring out of the mouth and eyes.
  6. Carvings that look like a pile of skulls with water coming from all the eyes, noses and mouths.
  7. Ornate sculpture of d6-1 (minimum 1) humans (roll d6 for class – 1-3 Fighters, 4 Clerics, 5 Magic Users, 6 Thieves) standing on a platform with water pouring out between their legs.
  8. Pillar (d10+1 feet tall) with water flowing out of the top and down the sides.
  9. Dwarf or other miner with a pickaxe – water flows out from where the pickaxe hits the ground.
  10. Religious figure (roll 1d4: 1 – cleric, 2 – deity, 3-4 angelic or demonic servant) holding a basin that constantly replenishes.
  11. Statue of a serving wench or a drunken man (50/50) with water pouring out of a tilted flagon.
  12. Mosaic of a natural scene with the fountain built into a scene of a waterfall.

Water Pressure (d6)

  1. Dried up – no pressure at all, and no water left, just the fountain.
  2. Barely a trickle – basically no pressure left, a bit of fluid trickles out and has accumulated in the appropriate basin.
  3. Trickle – the water dribbles out and down in a constant, albeit light, flow
  4. Burble – the fluid burbles and pours out as you would expect from a small fountain
  5. Gush – a lot of fluid pours out of this fountain – probably more than was expected – it overshoots and overfills the basin and the area around the fountain is wet.
  6. Variable – Roll 1d6 on this table every hour or every turn, treating a 6 as a 1.

What is That? (d6)

  1. Crystal clear, pure cold water.
  2. Typical water.
  3. Hot water.
  4. Hot water with lots of sulfur and iron content discolouring the fountain and likely also leaving behind some crystalline deposits.
  5. Filthy water, slimy and gross.
  6. Something Special.

Special Fluids (magical fluids lose their effect if removed from the fountain)

  1. Blood.
  2. Wine.
  3. Poison – roll again on What is That to determine what it looks like.
  4. Potion – roll again on What is That to determine what it looks like, and roll on the appropriate magic item table. Each imbiber can only benefit from it once per day.
  5. Ooze – roll 1d6: 1-2 Grey Ooze, 3-4 Ochre Jelly, 5-6 Black Pudding
  6. Acid.
  7. Ink.
  8. Slime.
  9. Ale.
  10. Sewage.

I also occasionally roll on the table in the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion “Attributes Features” list for additional ideas on how to make a fountain into something special. Well, I actually put numbers beside the entries on the similar list in the 1e DMG, page 216, but close enough.

This is post 6 in the A to Z Challenge where bloggers make an alphabetically themed post six days a week for the month of April. F is for Fountains.