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RPG Blog Carnival

RPG Blog Carnival

As promised, here’s where we stand on this month’s RPG Blog Carnival.

Once again, the topic of the Carnival this month is RPG Cartography. If you are new to the RPG Blog Carnival, it works by having other bloggers posting on the topic of the carnival, and I run a bunch of links to these interconnected blog posts, providing a cluster of information on the same topic in a shorter time that usually happens among the many awesome RPG blogs out there. Link to your post in a comment on this page or on the original RPG Blog Carnival page for the month, and at the end of the month I will post a follow-up that includes links to every other post in the carnival – my own and yours!

The topic this month is RPG Cartography – talk about maps, post maps, talk about what makes them work for you, or what doesn’t. While I tend to focus on dungeon cartography, don’t forget urban landscapes, regional maps, and other frontiers of RPG cartography like social network mapping, mind mapping, and event flow diagrams.

So here’s what people have posted so far as part of the Carnival (items in italics are not officially part of the carnival per se, but were topic-relevant posts made this month that I was aware of – this is traditional of most Blog Carnivals which aren’t typically about people posting on a theme, but are just a one-day collection of posts on a chosen theme culled from years of blog posting over every blog the author can hunt down):

Of course, the geomorph mapping project goes on strong, with a bunch of cool geomorphs posted so far this month:

And speaking of the geomorph mapping project, the DungeonMorph Dice being put together by Joe @ Inkwell Ideas with contributions from most of the geomorph artists out there made it onto a lot of blogs this month:

Of course, as the host, I’ve made a few cartography-related posts so far this month:

And remember – this is only day 10 of the Carnival. So you still have two thirds of the month to jump in and show us or tell us what you think about maps. At the beginning of May I’ll post a wrap-up of this month’s carnival with links to all the articles from the whole month.