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Erdea Manor is a classic old-school dungeon – starting off with ruins on the surface and a set of crypts and passages leading deeper underground. This is the first of four maps in the set – I’ll be stocking this level using the B/X Dungeons & Dragons / Labyrinth Lord rules over the next few days, and then following up with level 2 in a few days, and so on. When the full thing is done I’ll put it into a PDF and post it for your enjoyment.

Erdea Manor - Surface and Level 1

Erdea Manor - Surface and Level 1

This map was drawn in pencil (HB / #2) on plain white paper, scanned using XANE and contrast-enhanced using the Gimp. It was drawn in a single draft with no erasing or mid-stream changes or corrections.

For today though, tell me what level of adventure you would like this stocked for. I originally used it as a map for a randomly generated dungeon starting at level 1 – although the surface level ended up controlled by dwarves and their treasure was more than enough to get the whole party to level 2 before they even considered entering the dungeon proper. But the notes from my random excursion into Erdea Manor are long-missing, so I’ll be stocking it from scratch (and with less use of completely random tables – although I’ll still use them). So, what level game do you have in mind right now that you might find this a useful adventure for?

This is post 13 in the A to Z challenge – M is for Manor.