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Armory 30 Sided Dice Tables

Armory 30 Sided Dice Tables

Ah, the 30-sider. When I was a teen, I bought my first pair of Armory d30’s along with their book of d30 and d300 tables. I haven’t seen said book in many years, but recently came across a picture of it on Quag Keep and went into flashback mode. I hardly actually used the tables in play at the time (although these days I use random tables extensively), but I certainly recall the book with the rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia.

The RPG blogosphere has adopted the d30 also. There are many blogs that post random tables using the d30 under the umbrella of the “order of the d30” and, as referenced in that article, Jeff gave us the Big Purple d30 Rule – a house rule we are using in our most recent Pathfinder campaign (warning: it really falls apart a bit in games that use percentile chances of success, because swapping in the d30 instead of the d100 means that the odds are grossly in the character’s favour – we ended up agreeing to only allow it on d20 rolls).

While my own random tables tend to be more d12-centric than d30, I appreciate the nostalgia that the many order of the d30 posters bring with their Armory-inspired random tables. And I really wish I had a copy of the book still.

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