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I was hoping to stock the second level of Erdea Manor before posting the third level, but a week of distractions later, and this is what you get.

On this level we finally link the side levels from level 1 and level 2 into the main dungeon via the caves in areas 56-63. Also, if the characters didn’t find the secret passages in level 2, if they head through the flooded areas of 65-69, they can eventually find the access to the secret passages through area 56 as rooms 53-55 are all part of that secret sub-complex.

And here, in the depths (in the great cave of area 61) we have further stairs down into the lowest level of Erdea Manor – the Catacombs.

Erdea Manor - Depths

Erdea Manor - Depths (click for larger)

I’m pushing it to claim this is a post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge – Y is for Yet another level of Erdea Manor.