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RPG Blog Carnival

RPG Blog Carnival

This month I had the honour of hosting the RPG Blog Carnival – and of course I picked the topic of RPG Cartography.

This month we talked about maps, posted maps, and discussed the forms maps take. While I tend to focus on dungeon cartography, we covered a large basis of RPG cartography – with urban landscapes, regional maps, and other frontiers of RPG cartography like social network mapping, mind mapping, and event flow diagrams.

I wasn’t expecting quite the turn-out that the Carnival received in the end – there’s close to a hundred posts specifically for the carnival, and of course I went out and looked for more material that fit the theme that was blogged this month across the blogosphere. I’m a bit stunned.

So here’s what people posted so far as part of the Carnival (items in italics are not officially part of the carnival per se, but were topic-relevant posts made this month that I was aware of – this is traditional of most Blog Carnivals which aren’t typically about people posting on a theme, but are just a one-day collection of posts on a chosen theme culled from years of blog posting over every blog the author can hunt down):

There was so much amazing content generated this month that I don’t know how to process it all without it becoming a massive list of links that causes almost immediate eye-glazing. So here’s the massive list of goods – enjoy!

Of course, the geomorph mapping project goes on strong, with a bunch of cool geomorphs posted so far this month:

Of course, as the host, I’ve also made a few cartography-related posts:

And of course I’m sure I missed a few dozen posts along the way – so feel free to pimp your April Cartographic Adventures in the comments and I’ll add them to this mind-boggling list of awesome.