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Erdea Manor Level 2

Erdea Manor Level 2

I’m finally getting back to stocking Erdea Manor – and will be posting the last level map as this week’s Friday Map.

Level 1 of Erdea Manor is here – Part 1, Part 2.

Level 2 of Erdea Manor contains three distinct sub-levels. The main areas (24-37) are linked to level 1 above and level 2 below. Areas 38-40 are a series of secret chambers and passages that link to the main areas as well as having their own stairs access to level 3. This secret area was once the home of the family assassin, but is now overrun with giant weasels who have learned how to trigger the level’s secret doors. All secret doors on this level are opened by applying pressure to a “loose” stone one foot above floor level (or in the case of the one in the floor, one foot from the outer edge of the door). Finally, the family crypt in areas 41-43 also have their own links to the levels above and below.

Entrances & Egresses:

  • Area 24: stairs up to level 1, area 16.
  • Area 24: stairs down to level 3, area 44.
  • Area 39: stairs down to level 3, area 53.
  • Area 41: stairs down to level 3, area 74.
  • Area 42: stairs up to level 1, area 23.

Wandering Monsters:

Roll every turn, 1 in 6 chance. Roll 2d3 on the wandering monster chart below. There are no wandering monsters in areas 41, 42 and 43.

2. Roll on the level 2 wandering monster table in the main rule book
3. 1d4 Giant Weasels. If this encounter is in an area adjacent to a secret door, there is a 50% chance that the weasels are coming through said door.
4. 1d3 Carcass Scavengers
5. 1 Troll
6. Roll on the level 2 wandering monster table in the main rule book.


24. Great Hall. Containing access to both level 3 and level 1, the great hall is currently home to a very angry troll who is waiting for the return of Vera who defeated him earlier and who he assumes must return via this route. The hall exiting on the northwest end of the hall has a noticeably foul scent emanating from it.

25. Guard Room. Now abandoned, this room contains the wreckage indicating that it once housed at least a half dozen people with beds, a table, and other furniture.

26. Mossy Chamber. This chamber (and the one beyond it) is quite damp from water leakage from the nearby well shaft. The walls and floor of this chamber are covered in “leafy” fungal growths. None are harmful, and they show signs of being harvested by other creatures living in the area.

27. Screaming Fungi. This chamber once contained stored food supplies in piled wooden crates. Now these crates are nearly completely overwhelmed with fungi. Amongst the fungi is a colony of 6 shriekers.

28. Smashed Room. The door to this room has been quite recently smashed open and blood spatters commence in the room proper and trail off towards area 24. The room reeks of offal and rotten meat – the remnants of meals eaten by the troll who waits for Vera’s return in area 24. An open chest indicates that there was once treasure here too.

29. Troglodyte Turf. This section of the level has been taken over by a clan of troglodytes who moved here from the underground river below. The burned stump of a troll’s arm is nailed to the door as a warning. The room itself is empty and stripped of all furnishings.

30. Alcoves. The hall here has several shallow alcoves along it. A single troglodyte is on guard at each of the three alcoves as well as in front of the doorway to area 31. Their foul stench should give them away, but it is so overwhelming in this hall that their natural camouflage still gives them the advantage of surprise on a 1-4 on a d6. When starting combat, they will call out to their kin.

31. Den of Stink. A dozen troglodytes live in this room, along with their food, a store of drinking water, and immeasurable stench. The leader of this clan wears a pair of platinum bracers worth 1,200 gp each, and two of his warriors are wearing a necklace and a ring respectively worth 800 and 600 gp. The troglodytes are unaware of the secret door between this room and area 36. However, Vera has discovered it and will rush through it as soon as a fight with the troglodytes is over, attempting to catch the survivors weakened and confused (unless she has already been taken care of in area 36).

32. Family Quarters. These three rooms were once the apartment of a part of the Erde family unwilling to live in the manor above due to rampant paranoia and a propensity towards dark magics. This room was used to house servants of those living in areas 33 and 34. The furniture is long destroyed, but a 1 foot diameter crystaline hemisphere juts out of the northeast corner of the room at waist height. Rubbing the hemisphere creates an unseen servant that follows the orders of the person rubbing the hemisphere for 1 hour. It doesn’t, however, indicate this to the person rubbing the object, so most never notice that they have a magical butler to help them. The hemisphere cannot be removed from the wall without destroying the enchantment. The door to area 34 is locked.

33. Dark Chamber. The walls of this room are covered in a masonry completely unlike that throughout the rest of the excavations. The walls are a rough dark blue stone held together with nearly black jointing. Four shadows still lurk here, but will not pursue out of the room. The door to area 34 is locked.

(Level 2 will be completed in a couple of days)