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Sure, the Companion D&D rules had a section on standard tournament games – but that was basically wrestling, swordfighting, archery and of course jousting.

But what’s going on for the low level characters who are at the tournament looking for leads or to get close to Prince Evil’s number 2 henchman who is carrying the antidote to that slow-acting poison that is killing your aunt?

Crazed Tournament Activities! (d6)

  1. Greased Pig Catching!
    Cannot be completed without being unencumbered (movement rate of 120′ (40′) or better)
    Individual initiatives for all contestants involved, each gets a chance to catch the pig in order of initiative (roll to hit AC 4, after all, it’s a greased pig you are trying to grab bare-handed), and must then roll successfully against Strength and Dexterity, failing either roll allows the pig to escape. Continue round-to-round until the pig has been caught.
  2. Arm Wrestling
    If one competitor has a Strength stat 3+ higher than the other, he wins automatically. Otherwise the higher strength character rolls a d6.
    Strength higher by 2: Wins on a 2+
    Strength higher by 1: Wins on a  3+
    Even Strength: Wins on a 4+
  3. No Holds Barred Racing
    This assumes all racers have the same movement rate, otherwise the whole thing is pointless. Make a twenty-space “track”, each competitor starts off at one end. Roll individual initiatives for each racer. Move racers their Initiative roll spaces each round. A racer can try to trip, grab, or otherwise screw up another racer by taking a -2 penalty on his racing roll and making an attack roll against the target who must be within 2 spaces. If the attack succeeds, the target suffers a -4 penalty on his racing roll (cannot be less than 0).
  4. Punch Drunk
    This paired “game” involves drinking a flagon of ale, then punching the opponent in the face. After each drink roll a save versus poison, or suffer a -2 on all further rolls this competition. After each punch, roll a save versus paralysis (with your opponent’s Strength bonus as a penalty) or be knocked on your ass and be out of the match. A breather between rounds allows you to reduce your drunken penalties from failed saves against the ale by 2 before taking on one of the other winners of the previous round.
  5. Dragon’s Revenge
    Contestants fill their mouths with liquor and then spit it through a torch at a small cloth target made up to look like a knight.  Roll to hit with this missile weapon (with a -4 penalty for not normally having training in spit-based weapon systems) against an AC of 7 (small target). But just hitting the target isn’t enough – it has to be flambeed. Roll 1d4 damage for the flaming alcohol. The target has 3 hit points.
  6. Bear Wrestling
    Bad idea, Bob.