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Erdea Manor Level 2

Erdea Manor Level 2

Wherein I finish stocking level 2 of Erdea Manor, leaving me with half the dungeon left to stock.

34. Stone Cold Mad. This sealed chamber contains a massive bed, a table, a desk, a variety of chairs and bookshelves. “Sleeping” on the bed are a pair of Crystal Living Statues, as well as one sitting at the desk and a third leaning against a bookshelf seemingly reading a book (AC: 4, HD: 3, Mv: 90 (30), Att: 2, Dmg: 1d6/1d6, Sv: F3, M: 11). When the door is opened, the one at the bookshelf puts down the book and walks towards the party with it’s hands held wide, while the other three look on. It attacks when within reach, and is joined the next round by its kin.

35. Carrion. The door to this room has been smashed from the frame, and the remains of a pair of very recently slain carcass scavengers are slowly oozing their ichor across the floor. Any loud noise in this room will alert Vera in area 36.

36. Vera. Vera the ogress has just finished looting this room, having found and looted a secret storage box hidden in the north wall. Vera (AC: 4, HD: 4+1, hp: 30, Mv: 90 (30), Att: 1, Dmg: 1d10, Sv: F4+1, M: 10) also has the abilities of a level 5 thief. If she is alerted to activity in areas 35 or 31, she will attempt to move silently to attack her foes from behind, trying for a backstab on her first attack. Her favourite wolf, “Fang”, (AC: 7, HD: 2+2, hp: 18, Mv: 180 (60), Att: 1, Dmg: 1d6, Sv: F1, M:8) is also with her. Vera wears a ring of protection +1 and a carries a sack containing 1,000 gp and 4,000 sp.

37. Red Alcove. The masonry in this alcove is of a reddish rock, although of immediate importance to anyone entering the room is the Rust Monster (AC:2, HD: 5, hp: 23, Mv: 120 (40), Att: 1, Dmg: special, Sv: F3, M: 7) trying to remain unnoticed by the crazed ogress who just killed his neighbours.

38. Store Room. This locked room was used for storage by the resident assassin. Undisturbed these long years, it still contains crates of rotted food, a barrel of old ale, and a collection of daggers, short swords and arrows. A wooden shelf on the far wall from the entrance holds a set of bottles. Two are potions of poison, one is a potion of Poseidon’s Wine (grants the imbiber the benefits of water breathing for 1d6+6 turns), and the last is a potion of battle (the imbiber gains a +1 bonus on to hit rolls, damage rolls from melee and ranged weapon attacks, and a +1 bonus to armour class for 1d6+6 turns).

39. Alchemical Storage. Once filled with beakers and bottles and mixing equipment, everything here is ruined and the place has been turned into a nest for 3 Giant Weasels (AC: 7, HD: 4+4, hp: 22, 25, 26, Mv: 150 (50), Att: 1, Dmg: 2d4 + attach, Sv: F3, M: 8). Amongst the debris that they have converted into their nests is a chewed on clerical scroll with the following spells still usable: Know Alignment, Continual Light, Locate Object.

40. The Assassin’s Den. These two rooms were once nicely furnished – now they are a mess of ruined bedding, old straw and ruined mulched paper. 4 Giant Weasels (AC: 7, HD: 4+4, hp: 15, 15, 19, 22, Mv: 150 (50), Att: 1, Dmg: 2d4 + attach, Sv: F3, M: 8 ) nest in this mess. A thourough search of the bedding will find 97 gp scattered between both rooms. Closer investigation reveals that an old brazier buried in the mess also contains a locked secret compartment. Within the compartment is a sealed metal vial (a potion of poison), a 700 gp ring and a set of five small 100 gp rubies.

41. Crypt Stairs. Overlooking the stairwell cut into this room are four zombified bugbears wearing the standards of the Erde family and wielding polearms (AC: 8, HD: 4+1, hp: 13, 16, 22, 22, Mv: 90 (30), Att: 1, Dmg: 1d10, Sv: F2, M: 12).

42. Shrine. The northern portion of this space has an arched ceiling and magical stone shelves where candles were burned down to pools of wax across the surface. Any non-lawful character who lights a candle and places it on the shelf gains the benefits of a Bless spell for 1d6+1 turns.

43. Embalming Chamber. The door to this room is locked. There is a massive stone table in the centre of the room, and jars of embalming fluid surrounding it.

Oh, and back on level 1, I had skipped the rooms directly above areas 41-43 here. So here they are:

21. Ghoulish Cunning. This secret chamber is home to 6 cunning Ghouls (AC: 6, HD: 2, hp: 4, 5, 7, 7, 11, 15, Mv: 90 (30), Att: 2, Dmg: 1d3/1d3/1d3 + paralysis, Sv: F2, M: 9). The secret trap door to the surface is made of wood and remained undetected by the dwarves while they were in the area (and the ghouls would only attack lone dwarves out at night), and the ghouls have decided to not bother the much more powerful ogres. The floor of the room is littered with gnawed dwarven bones and those of some local wildlife. In the mix of bones and detritus are 500 sp and suit of black magical chainmail +1 that automatically cancels any light or continual light spells cast at a target or by a spellcaster within 30 feet of the mail. The secret door to area 22 is quite visible from this side, requiring no special efforts to detect nor open.

22. Burial Chamber. This chamber has three raised alcoves, each containing a stone sarcophagus, all radiating from an octagonal chamber with a massive wrought iron candelabra decorating the centre of the room. Around the base of the candelabra are the skeletal remains of a half dozen human and demihuman bodies. The sarcophagi each contain an elder of the Erde family, now haunting these ruins as powerful Wights (AC: 5, HD: 4, hp: 17, 21, 21, Mv: 90 (30), Att: 1, Dmg: 1d8 + energy drain, Sv: F4, M: 12). They will not rise unless a sarcophagus is disturbed, at which point all three will rise to attack. The wight in the central sarcophagus wields a longsword +1, +3 vs elves.

23. Falling Ceiling. This room is empty of inhabitants and the floor is cluttered with bits of rock and dust fallen from the ceiling. The dwarven ability to detect dangerous stonework, or a thief detecting traps, will show that while the ceiling is indeed on the way towards caving in, the actual collapse won’t happen for many, many years.