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With my cock out?

With my cock out?

I’ve always loved the line “Rock out with your cock out!”. No it doesn’t mean to actually party with male chickens, or to play rock and roll with your dork hanging out of your pants. It is a call to have fun partying and not to give a shit who’s watching you and what they think.

It is a great tagline for life in general (basically a rude version of “dance like no one is watching”). But how do we make it work for blogging?

“Blog out with your dog out!” sounds like a battle cry for good old David at Tower of the Archmage with his awesome corgis. As someone who doesn’t have a dog anymore, it just doesn’t work for me.

So, what’s the “right” line for blogging your heart out, and fuck the haters? What’s the RolPunk of Blogging?

On the topic of Bloggin’ Out With My Guns Out, there’s a new RPG Blogging network / community / aggregator out there. Check out the RPG Blog Alliance. I’m on the forums right now giving a stream-of-consciousness overview of successful and semi-successful blogging.

Blog on with a hardon? Ehh…..