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I was bouncing the idea around of adapting the Old School games out there into a Mercenary / Military Action RPG. Something along the lines of MERC, Delta Force, Twilight:2000 and Recon. But even more similar to the root material of classic D&D as each game in question tried very hard to distance itself from the origins of the hobby. I want to hold close to them.

And really, if it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing, right? So here’s a quick mock-up of the cover.

So far I’m bouncing around ideas over on the Goblinoid Games forums, and intend to release the finished product as a 6″x9″ book. I’ll be sticking as close as I can to the ability scores, combat system and design considerations of classic D&D. The big work will be modifying the combat system to handle suppression fire, commanding shaken troops and maybe even (urk) hit locations. I’m still not sold on hit locations. That’s the kind of stuff I like to avoid but some people really seem to like in milsim games. Maybe an optional rule. The majority of the book however will be support material – weapons, vehicles, settings, mission design, and all that good stuff that will make it so you can just pick up the book and run a game without having to come up with a whole game environment to run it in.

Albeit, one a little more up to date than 1970’s Rhodesia.