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The Worm's Gullet

The Worm's Gullet

The webmaster of Ancient Scroll has translated my One Page Dungeon “Into The Worm’s Gullet” into Polish – where Google Translate tells me it is now called “By Esophagus Brood”.

That is a much cooler name than “Into the Worm’s Gullet”. I think I may have to make a new adventure just because of the title. Maybe do it as “Return to the Worm’s Gullet: By Esophagus Brood“. It needs lots of creepy blind worms crawling out of the guts of the dungeon as somehow without the Heart, the worm is slowly coming back to life (or is becoming undead?) and is spontaneously generating this brood of horrible flesh-eating worms.

The opening scene is of course finding the remnants of the Rock Baboon camp at the entrance to the dungeon, with most of the baboons dead, and the leader now horrible and corrupt, a twisted mockery of a baboon riddled with flesh-eating worms that crawl from his mouth, eye sockets and everywhere else as he attacks the party.

Wow, this is so much cooler than my original.

Screw living statues and ancient dwarves, it’s time to eat the worm baby, before the worm eats you!

(And on that note, suddenly I think I should add a Tequila-based drinking game to the adventure also)

Outpost CVIII

Outpost CVIII

Then we head over to Chaotic/GM’s blog to check out his Outpost CVIII, an adventure for Savage Worlds: Necropolis.

The map for Outpost CVIII? None other than the Monastery of Electrum Flowers that I posted on Friday (quick turnaround!), remixed into a sturdy concrete military outpost with the basement stairs instead leading up into a communications tower. Shades of the classic Aliens movie live in this adventure, side-by-side with many zombies, of course.

I love seeing what my maps inspire. In this case, it is far cooler than the monastery as I used it in my Labyrinth Lord / AEC game where I had it overrun with demons, tainted monks doing crazy ninja-stuff with polearms, and an insane berzerker dwarf.

I may draw cool maps, but there’s a lot more awesome out there than how I use them.