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Star Frontiers Cover Art

Our bi-weekly game of Rogue Trader has ended, somewhat to my chagrin (since I was playing the actual Rogue Trader in question, therefore it was my legacy that we were gambling with throughout the campaign).

However, the upside is that we’ll be loading up one of my other favourite science fiction RPGs again. We discussed using Traveller or going back to Star Frontiers, and in the end Star Frontiers won out (I didn’t vote, as I didn’t have a serious preference – I love both games).

Our new Star Frontiers game started out with a “bang!” I’m playing a dirty vice squad dralasite – I sold out to the Streel Corporation years ago to allow them to import goods unstopped into Prenglar. But lately I’ve been suffering from an acute case of conscience, and want to make a difference. The game started in the middle of a major takedown, with my job supposedly to save the Streel Corporation flunkies from being nabbed by Star Law. But I finally turned on them, and Star Law got their man, with my amorphous help. Now I’m part of a top secret interplanetary vice squad – our mission to seek out and interdict the flow of yazirian slaves across the frontier. Some of us are doing it because it is the right thing, at least one just because it is his job (he thinks the yazirian slave girls are part of the problem), and one is doing it to avenge his now dead sister who was once used as yazirian chattel.

We are a mix of vice squad dicks and multi-governmental commandos. Together, we fight crime.

We are using the base rules of the game (Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Expanded Game Rules without the Zebulon’s Guide) with the modified stamina reserve rules that I posted last month. Since we are all experienced officers (of either the local constabulary, Star Law, or ex-military), we started the game with 20 XP each to build up from our random starting stats.

“Ploop” Dawson, my dralasite, is a skeezy kind of dralasite, almost more slimy than amorphous. He’s the kind of guy who gives other dralasites a bad name – he would have to work hard to make it so he wasn’t so low that he couldn’t slide under most doorways. He has a drug habit and prefers to work solo where he can intimidate and pressure his way through his contacts into getting results instead of having to do the real legwork himself. But after a nasty breakup with the dralasite that he budded a couple of decades ago, he is trying to turn over a new leaf, to make himself into someone his budded half could get to like.

He’s got a lot of work to do.