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Random Dungeon Entrances

The best of both worlds – geomorphic maps and random tables!

While exploring the ruins of Urul-Dar in our random D&D game, I noted that I had seen every one of the starting layouts for a random dungeon from the DMG far too many times in my life, and it was time to replace them. So here are d8 new dungeon entrances for starting your next random dungeon, or you can beg Dave Millar to insert them into his mapper (www.davesmapper.com), and suddenly you’ll have the occasional dungeon entrance appear among the edge geomorphs.

These were all drawn in black gel pen on regular 4-quad graph paper using the template for the edge geomorphs (two entrances on the long face, 1 on each side), scanned into the Gimp and contrast-enhanced.

Random Dungeon Entrances I (d8)

1. Upgraded caves delve into the side of a hill or mountain. Some of the caves remain natural, others have been smoothed, carved out and have masonry and reinforcements added to make them more livable.

2. An old tower and decrepit wooden structure flank an old cavern and conceal further entrances into the depths.

3. A temple has been cut directly into the face of the mountain, with doors leading into the mountain proper.

4. A fortress guards this entrance into the depths – protecting those within, or guarding against those who would disturb the horrors that were long ago unleashed?

5. A pair of old stone structures were carved out of the living rock here, a single door opens into one of them, the other appears impenetrable…

6. Natural stairs lead down into the depths where the limestone caves have been expanded by those creatures who would rather never see the light of day.

7. Ruins once guarded these entrances, now exposed and inviting those who would risk all.

8. A small cave overlooks what appears to be a dwarven construction in the side of the mountain.