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Rustfoot's 1PD, Dysonized!

Last week I posted a call on Twitter and then on the RPGBA boards for people who like my maps to send me a map they would like to see Dysonized. I obviously over-estimated how much people like my maps, as I only got some sent my way after I threatened to start going through people’s blogs and Dysonizing their maps without their permission. Yeah, they love me. In the end the first map that I started working on is one that I almost find sacrilegious to remake in this fashion… Jensan over at Rustfoot designed a great dungeon for the 2011 One Page Dungeon competition in a style that I absolutely love – the map is made of words describing what is being mapped.

The upside of this is that I have a fair amount of freedom to translate that map into a more traditional dungeon map.

Here’s the original: “There’s a Sword Down There, I Promise” post – I recommend following the link to the Interactive Map which rocks. The map is awesome. And here’s that same map, Dysonized! If you have both in hand then you have a traditional dungeon map here and a key for it in the original version. Oh, and my version has a mistake – the pit trap in the long hallway is missing. But that’s what you get with an extreme makeover, some stuff changes! (ok, ok, I didn’t change it on purpose, I plain forgot)

And mostly unrelated, this is turning into some sort of Map Week – this is the fifth map post in a row!

There's a Sword Down There, I Promise!

There's a Sword Down There, I Promise!