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While discussing the Extreme Dungeon Makeovers, I noted that I have never actually posted any of my regional maps to the blog for whatever reason. I’ve posted a number of cities and towns, but never the environs around them. It’s not that I don’t draw regional maps, it is that I don’t consider my regional maps to be all that good. I need practice to make my mountains and forests look “cool” instead of like scribbles.

This regional map was drawn in my plain-paged dollar-store journal using gel pens. It is a very recent piece, drawn in the last two weeks. I like it, but I don’t love it. It needs more… something.

Hell, it needs me to take ten minutes in the Gimp and add a bunch of place names. That always spices up a fantasy map. Also, one of the downsides of mapping in a journal book while on the road, you can tell that I’m right handed. Look as the map moves more to the lower right side, it also tilts down to the left and up to the right. Classic sign of a righty free-handing.

A Regional Map - Click for Larger

A Regional Map - Click for Larger

Once again, as with almost all my maps, the invitation is open to bloggers and others to use it for your games, and if you do end up doing something cool with it, post it to your blog and send me a link and I’ll pimp your coolness here.