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This is the 600th post on this blog. I’m kind of stunned by this little tid-bit of news.

But anyways, it is also Friday, and time for a Friday map (you know, because I haven’t posted any maps since last Friday, right? I believe this is the 10th map post in a row). This map was unashamedly inspired by Diablo II – specifically the dungeons in the Flayer Jungle with their weird prison-like atmosphere. Named the Gargoyle’s Keep, this dungeon is actually… a dungeon.

The Gargoyle (a mutant Hill Giant with stony skin and above average intelligence and cunning for his species) uses it to hold prisoners for ransom, as well as just being a place to lock up his enemies and listen to them cry for pity or release. The Gargoyle isn’t a very nice giant, even for a Hill Giant.

The Gargoyle's Keep

The Gargoyle's Keep

I drew this map about a year ago on plain white paper with an HB (#2) pencil. I used a background grid on a separate sheet of paper under the map sheet. The whole thing covers about 80% of an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet.