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Corner Geomorphs Header

On Thursday I posted 12 Geomorphic Corners designed for use with Dave’s Mapper and indicated that they were half of a set. These 12 geomorphs aren’t quite as cool because they aren’t dungeon entrances, but that’s ok, because we definitely need more corners for the mapper as there just aren’t enough of them in the current mix. Once again, these are drawn directly in a single draft in black gel pen on regular old graph paper (speaking of which, I’m running out, gotta head to the office supply store again), scanned and contrast-enhanced. I enjoy drawing geomorphs because I don’t have to visualize the whole dungeon at once, just a little location for a scene, fight or something interesting (like the giant skeleton on the floor of one of the cavern tiles).

Now I’ve got to print out these versions (so I don’t cut up my master copies) and add them to my geomorph deck.

12 Corner Geomorphs - Set 2

12 Corner Geomorphs - Set 2