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Erdea Manor HeaderDeep beneath the ruins of Erdea Manor lie the depths – old caves with links to the family crypts and to deeper secrets where the dead have been buried for ages untold. There are many routes in and out of the depths, but only one way to the catacombs below.

This level remains under the control of the ancient Erde family, or at least the cursed remnants thereof. The Erde clan fought against the Kale and like many of the humans who lead the revolts, they were aided by powers from beyond this world. And like many of these tales, the result was more and less than they had hoped for. Now the surviving members of the clan reside in these depths, in turn hiding from the vengeful dead that sleep beneath them.

The clan is broken into two remaining bloodlines who occupy the western side of the dungeon map. They have been warped in strange ways into massive beastly creatures like minotaurs and rubbery semi-aquatic creatures reminiscent of throghrin.

(This is the first post of the three or four so that will detail this massive level of Erdea Manor)

Entrances & Egresses:

  • Cave tunnel in area 59 leads up to the surface
  • Stairs in area 44 lead up to Level 2, area 24
  • Stairs between areas 46 and 53 lead up to Level 2, area 39
  • Stairs near area 74 lead up to Level 2, area 42
  • Stairs in area 61 lead down to Level 4, area 78

Wandering Monsters:
Roll every turn, 1 in 6 chance. Roll 2d3 on the wandering monster chart below.

2. Roll on the level 3 wandering monster table in the main rule book
3. 1d3 Minotaurs
4. ??! (alright readers, what goes here?)
5. 1d4 Throghrin
6. Roll on the level 3 wandering monster table in the main rule book

Erdea Manor - Depths

Erdea Manor - Depths

44. Below the Great Hall. The stairs from above lead down into the middle of this room which is something of a neutral territory between the homes of the two remaining branches of the Erde clan. The floor bears the marks of ancient fights, and a blood trail (at least a few days old) leads out through the archway to the east (and proceeds all the way to room 46).

45. Lord Derrin Erde’s Glory. This old meeting room (complete with rotting table, chairs and bookshelves) was dedicated to the memory of a great warrior of the clan. The east wall of the room contains a massive portrait of Lord Derrin with his name on a brass plate below, now faded to mostly brown and black. Anyone raising a toast to Lord Derrin in this room gains +1 on all reaction rolls with others within the room for the duration. Behind the portrait is a secret door into the lower level of the assassin’s run which is opened by swinging the hinged portrait away from the wall and then pressing on the name plate embedded in the wall below it.

46. Toad Hall. Four giant toads (AC: 7, HD: 2+2, hp: 11, 12, 14, 16, Mv: 90 (30), Att: 1, Dmg: d4+1, Sv: F1, M: 6 – see monster description for special attacks) have moved in here, seeking refuge from the Erde clan. On the floor is the chewed remains of a minotaur, their most recent meal. They are hungry and happy to see more reasonably-sized food arriving.

47. Rubbish. This side room has been filled with furniture that someone was rescuing from the flooded portion of the depths. Years have passed and less even-minded members of the family have looted through this until it is just a random jumble of wood, rotted cloth, and the occasional recognizable dresser drawer. Of course, digging through it all to prove it is all valueless will take several turns…

48. Guarded Curtains. This room is separated from the corridor via a set of heavy magical curtains. While the Minotaur with a polearm (AC: 6, HD: 6, hp: 22, Mv: 120 (40), Att: 2 or 1, Dmg: 1d6 / 1d6 or 1d10, Sv: F6, M: 12) behind the curtain seems to be the guard here, the curtain itself the true threat to a stealthy party. The curtain will spot a non-invisible target who is hiding in shadows or otherwise stealthy on a 1-4 on a d6 and will then whisper the alert to the minotaur in the room. If the minotaur is slain, the cutraint will begin to scream for backup. The magic curtain can be shut up with a good reaction check, or by killing it (AC: 8, 14 hp). It bleeds copiously when wounded or killed.