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Hellad Manor Header

Hellad Manor was the second adventure in my Saber Lake LL/AEC campaign. A classic D&D trope, the party was hired to go to the Manor and help the lord’s men who were trying to fix the place up since he just inherited it. The scenario included the party assassin disguised as a sheep as part of an attempt to subdue the morlocks in the northeast section, an owlbear in the caverns to the south, and of several sessions of molotov cocktail combat with goblins.

I also like that the tower is not accessible except via the underground sections and effectively divides the dungeons into two halves.

Hellad Manor and Tower

Hellad Manor and Tower

This map was drawn freehand in pencil on plain white paper with no background grid. If I find my notes from this one I’ll post them too, but I didn’t keep a lot of notes from the Saber Lake games.